My Solutions To Turn This Country Around

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS. This Central bank is killing us and the IRS is paying for it… with our own hard earned cash.

2. Null in void every last trade treaty that was designed to suck the jobs out of this country. Get out of NATO. Even the playing field.

3. Reign in the EPA and the over zealous organizations like OSHA.

4. Once the jobs start coming back, or new ones get created, start scaling down entitlement programs and heavily investigating abuses.

5. Repeal Obamacare.

6. Completely disband the TSA molesting agency, the useless FEMA, big brother DHS, the unconstitutional BATFE, and all those other government agencies that we really don’t need.

7. Eradicate every unconstitutional law ever made.

8. Try every politician who helped to write or voted for those unconstitutional laws for treason.

9. Put our money back on the gold standard and back under the authority of Congress.

10. Get out of all those wars.

11. No more foreign aid, it doesn’t hardly reach those in need anyway. Take care of our own first.

12. Raise money through tariffs, not so much through taxes.

13. Stop handing out grants for anything that does not greatly benefit the country. I could seriously care less about what frogs do, I have my own future generations to worry about.

14. No more loose fiscal policies period. No more spending more than what you earn.

15. Strip the criminal bankers and politicians who got us into this mess of their wealth and pay down the debt.

16. Get rid of the 501C3 church controlling program.

17. Discipline the police and humanize them. This police brutality, tazer ’em til they die mentality has got to stop.

18. Lift the restrictions off of herbal medicine. Chemical medicine has proven itself close to worthless, covering symptoms instead of curing the problem. Modern medicine is nothing more than a high profit business run by people who get rich when we get sick.

19. Legalize moonshine. The only reason its illegal is because its not taxed.

20. Stop forking out money to schools and police departments. Let them learn to be more fiscally responsible and live within their means. We have a lot of double dipping principals in this area. You know what, our kids were smarter in one room school houses than they are now in multi million dollar education centers.

21. No more student loans. If they don’t have the money, they don’t go to college.

22. Get rid of the no child left behind policy. Make public schools take tuition. In Ohio, the school tax is added onto the property tax, which has been deemed unconstitutional more than once, and therefore illegal, but still goes on to this day. If the public schools take tuition, then they can pay for themselves. Those who can’t pay tuition can home school their kids. Make it so that people can home school their kids with whatever text books they can get a hold of instead of having to go through a school of any sort.

23. Ban all those toxic chemicals being added into our food everyday.

24. Ban the use of so many chemicals being put in our water.

25. Stop chemtrails.

26. Unless someone is doing something that is actually hurting someone else, leave people the heck alone!

Death And Life

We experienced some rough spots at work and right now now its been kind of hard. We’re not lacking work, we just hired more people. It’s just that mortality has been staring at us in the face. My foreman was severely sick (either mega bronchitis or outright pneumonia) over Christmas AND a guy on first shift went in for surgery. Now my foreman is back on the injury list thanks to his sciatic nerve. Then the real tragedies strike: a coworker loses her baby and the man who owns the place dies right in the office. I have been forced to rethink things a bit. Free Soul Papa is lucky to be alive. He’s had 4 heart attacks and has to eat a handful of meds just to stay alive. With his health still slowly deteriorating, I’ve had to think about what I would have to do if he were to go on to heaven. Free Soul Papa is the driving force in this family and it would take a dozen people to fill his shoes. Could I do it? I don’t know, my feet are awfully small. And now I’ve got to face reality, one I haven’t wanted to even think of. I try to learn from him what I can, but my brain is just not wired for a lot of what he knows. It takes forever for me to learn even simple mechanics and carpentry, my brain is just not wired for it. His is, so he’s got this vast wealth of knowledge just waiting for a student. I try, but its very hard for me. Free Soul Boyfriend intends to be that student, for which I am grateful  I would hope that if we can both learn what we can from him, we can then work as a team when he is gone.

Nobody lives forever in this world. Both a baby and an old man died this week. Death does not discriminate on age, it just simply takes at its first opportunity. Half of living is avoiding dying. The other half of living is having fun while avoiding dying. Honestly, I’m not really afraid of dying, I know where I’m going. I’m washed in the blood of Jesus, I’ve got my eternal retirement plan covered. Its the responsibilities that would rest on my shoulders when Pops goes that makes me nervous. It would be up to me to keep the homestead going and make sure Free Soul Mama is taken care of. Would I be able to do it? Will I be able to keep things running? Today I ask myself these questions, I will need them in the future. May God grant you all peace.

Things About The American Culture That Irk Me

I don’t know, maybe I’m just old fashioned and the changing times just don’t set well with me. So I decided to compile a humorous list of things I find irritating.

1.If someone is stupid enough to actually attempt suicide in order to gain attention for themselves, do they really need to be in the gene pool?

2. Drop the drama. Nobody really cares about the bad soap opera you made your life into.

3.If I hear another spoiled little brat complain about having to do chores… oh, I just want to backhand those whiny, disrespectful mouths!

4. I have no sympathy for self inflicted wounds and circumstances, not even my own.

5. Go ahead and keep smoking. Stop complaining about your health and why you have no spending money, my fellow coworkers.

6. Go ahead, keep eating junk food. When you are a diabetic, obese, and suffering from heart disease by the time you’re 25, don’t complain to me.

7. Don’t whine about losing your driver’s licence to drunk or reckless driving, I don’t want you driving either.

8. If the Illuminati wants to murder 95% of the Earth’s population, they can start with themselves.

9. To anyone who supports gun control: if in the event that I see someone commit a viscous crime against you ( armed robbery, rape, assault and battery, kidnapping, attempting to murder, etc.), because I respect your beliefs, I will not unholster my side arm to save you. Instead, I will call the police and wait until they arrive to give them a report. However, the thug(s) take one step toward me and I will blast him/her.

10. Weather people based in my area calling 2 inches of snow a cause for alarm. Really?

11. I still don’t see the big deal about designer clothes. I refuse to pay that much money for a lousy shirt.

12. I am not going to pay $300 for a mutt dog, I don’t care what cute thing you call it.

13. Lose some friggin’ weight people! It’s not that hard!

14. Fat girls who wear clothes way to small for themselves and their jelly rolls spill out all over.

15. When teens act like complete idiots just because they think that it makes them cool or cute. Many years ago I walked past two teenage boys about my age. One was blowing bubbles and rocking back and forth on one of those little storefront coin operated rides for little kids saying,” Pretty bubbles. Pretty bubbles”, as soon as he saw me. I kept my mouth shut because if I can’t say anything good, I shouldn’t say a darn thing. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, AMERICA!

Hope you enjoyed a little humor. May God grant you laughter.

My Thoughts On Climate Change

By now y’all know I’m a highly opinionated person and this post is no different as I try to be one of those few voices of reason in a sea of screaming idiots. I’m so friggin’ fed up with Al Gore and his minions lying through their teeth about climate change, spewing man-made global warming out of their mouths like vomit. The really sad part is that a major percentage of folks are EATING it. Honestly, I don’t deny climate change because the climate is changing. I just subscribe to a very different theory.

The evidence of climate change stares me in the face every winter here. Summer hasn’t changed much, but winter gets weirder every passing year. We used to have cold and snow in late October. This year we didn’t hardly see a single snow flake until just about Christmas. Even now the ground isn’t really good and frozen. Every year winter starts later, ends earlier, and on average is a little warmer. Why? I fully believe that we are experiencing a slow pole shift. Google this stuff, do the research yourself. Don’t just take my word for it, go look it up. I also can’t post links because this is a freebie blog.

Russia and China are experiencing the harshest cold on record. Australia is just burning up. Places that don’t usually get snow are starting to get some. New York City was hit by a storm normally reserved for the southern part of the coast. What if I were to say that the north pole has moved into Siberia, Australia is slowly creeping towards the equator, Israel is becoming more temperate, and the East coast of the United States is sliding south sideways? Free Soul Parents and I had to play with a globe to reach this conclusion based on where Free Soul Papa’s latest knowledge on the north pole’s current position. Last I heard, the poles were moving at about 40 miles per year. Airports have had to change the numbers on their runways because the latitudes and longitudes have moved, and you can Google that.

Contrary to what the greenies say, the polar bears are not endangered at all. Animals will follow their climate and the polar bears will too. They’ll hop ice flows to Russia (sorry, comrades) probably and live happy lives there if Alaska becomes too warm. Man-made global warming is a lie. Funny how Greenie Gore, his Greedy ‘Gardeners’, and the Gullible Gents and Girls that follow him always show the glaciers melting in Greenland and other various places, but fail to show that some places are getting much colder and could therefore create new glaciers! There is nothing that can be done about climate change. Carbon Taxes are nothing more than robbery seated in lies. Why pay taxes on our ‘carbon footprint’ to elites whose ‘carbon footprints’ is more than all of ours put together? I say BULL HOCKEY. They already rape me with all the current taxes, taking the lion’s share of MY hard earned pay with income taxes, medicare taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, fees for privileges that were once freedoms, property taxes (I help mom and dad with theirs), state taxes, city taxes, and only God and the IRS knows just what other taxes I have to cough up money for. I can’t pay another tax! We have to not just speak up about this stuff, we have to SCREAM it. Its not really the citizens polluting the planet, governments are actually the worse culprits! I sure don’t spray chemical trails in the sky or dump sewage in Lake Erie. I don’t dump nuclear waste God only knows where! Why should we be punished when they do the crimes?

May God grant us all boldness!

A Medicinal Use For Wine

Wine is not only great to drink, it also has a great medicinal property. Did you know that wine will also relieve the symptoms and speed healing of gum irritations? Just sip a little and use your tongue to rub the wine into the affected area. I haven’t a clue just what in the wine works, I just know that it does. In fact, I’m using this treatment as we speak.

Wine, if not opened, will keep for a very long time. Storing wine for drinking, medicinal, and bartering purposes is a great idea. Even better if you know how to make the stuff. Hopefully your group is near a vineyard, guarding that may be a good idea as grapes and raisins are great to eat and wine is just, well, great. Just make sure you have enough skills and items to barter for the grapes.

Have fun and God bless everybody!

God Help Us

Economic collapse. World war three. Tyrannical takeover. Extreme weather. Social decay. All of it barreling down on us at one time. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. The DHS (Dept. of Homeland inSecurity) didn’t buy hollow points for target practice, friends, and I figure that they’ll come for the guns before the economy implodes because if they don’t, a whole lot more armed people will become angry when they realize they’ve been robbed blind by TPTB (The Powers That Be). On top of all that, they’ll more than less likely need the use of foreign troops to keep peace. Then there’s Russia and China, nuclear allies who are increasingly enraged by us. They hate our guts and have wet dreams at night about taking us over. Russia and China are not our friends, people, they are just biding their time for an opportunity to strike. They play to win, even if it means waiting a long time.

My fellow Americans, this country needs you now. Prepare for war because its coming. I pray to God we don’t have to fight, but if they come to take away our means of defending ourselves, we will have no choice. Get ammo while you can, lose those extra pounds, and train yourself. This is not a game. The Constitution needs defended at all costs, not only for our sakes, but also for our children’s and all future generations after. This is not about politics, guns, or religion, its about our freedom. A lot of men died to get this freedom for us, let’s honor them by defending it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. God help us.

The Theory Of Reverse Evolution

Being a creationist, I don’t buy into the theory of evolution where we evolved from apes. However, I am beginning to wonder about the theory of reverse evolution, where humans seem to be evolving into apes. When I look around at today’s society, I am appalled at the animal like behavior exhibited by the other members of my species. We have become so smart that we are dumb as bricks. Seriously, if our technology were to suddenly disappear, great numbers of our kind would die off in an extinction level event, even though we didn’t have it a hundred years ago! Then again, the Amish, Amazon natives, Bedouin herders, African tribes, and Samis  might enjoy the peace and quiet.

Also, as I keep my eye on the news, I constantly find stories of horrific acts that people do to each other. A guy eating another guy’s face off in Miami. A Muslim guy killing his own daughter because he thought that she was too ‘western’, AND they lived in America or the UK. Places in some cities so bad even the police won’t go there. Increased mass shootings. Bloodthirsty tyrants gaining more and more control in once free countries. Greedy bankers allowed to steal as much money as they want and never go to prison even if they are caught. The masses becoming more zombie like, hypnotized by the TV and brain dead from all the fluoride in the water. Society becoming so sexualized that now even our littlest children are dressing like teenage sluts. No one respects any one anymore. People don’t even seem to respect themselves.

As people think that I’m some sort of crazy neanderthal because of how I live, I just laugh. While they run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to keep up with the Joneses and their kids sit on the couch drooling and grunting in front of a violent video game, I’m going to enjoy life a little. Hmmmmm. Maybe reverse evolution is more fact than fiction. It certainly seems to be more provable than evolution. May God grant you all peace.