My Thoughts On Climate Change

By now y’all know I’m a highly opinionated person and this post is no different as I try to be one of those few voices of reason in a sea of screaming idiots. I’m so friggin’ fed up with Al Gore and his minions lying through their teeth about climate change, spewing man-made global warming out of their mouths like vomit. The really sad part is that a major percentage of folks are EATING it. Honestly, I don’t deny climate change because the climate is changing. I just subscribe to a very different theory.

The evidence of climate change stares me in the face every winter here. Summer hasn’t changed much, but winter gets weirder every passing year. We used to have cold and snow in late October. This year we didn’t hardly see a single snow flake until just about Christmas. Even now the ground isn’t really good and frozen. Every year winter starts later, ends earlier, and on average is a little warmer. Why? I fully believe that we are experiencing a slow pole shift. Google this stuff, do the research yourself. Don’t just take my word for it, go look it up. I also can’t post links because this is a freebie blog.

Russia and China are experiencing the harshest cold on record. Australia is just burning up. Places that don’t usually get snow are starting to get some. New York City was hit by a storm normally reserved for the southern part of the coast. What if I were to say that the north pole has moved into Siberia, Australia is slowly creeping towards the equator, Israel is becoming more temperate, and the East coast of the United States is sliding south sideways? Free Soul Parents and I had to play with a globe to reach this conclusion based on where Free Soul Papa’s latest knowledge on the north pole’s current position. Last I heard, the poles were moving at about 40 miles per year. Airports have had to change the numbers on their runways because the latitudes and longitudes have moved, and you can Google that.

Contrary to what the greenies say, the polar bears are not endangered at all. Animals will follow their climate and the polar bears will too. They’ll hop ice flows to Russia (sorry, comrades) probably and live happy lives there if Alaska becomes too warm. Man-made global warming is a lie. Funny how Greenie Gore, his Greedy ‘Gardeners’, and the Gullible Gents and Girls that follow him always show the glaciers melting in Greenland and other various places, but fail to show that some places are getting much colder and could therefore create new glaciers! There is nothing that can be done about climate change. Carbon Taxes are nothing more than robbery seated in lies. Why pay taxes on our ‘carbon footprint’ to elites whose ‘carbon footprints’ is more than all of ours put together? I say BULL HOCKEY. They already rape me with all the current taxes, taking the lion’s share of MY hard earned pay with income taxes, medicare taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, fees for privileges that were once freedoms, property taxes (I help mom and dad with theirs), state taxes, city taxes, and only God and the IRS knows just what other taxes I have to cough up money for. I can’t pay another tax! We have to not just speak up about this stuff, we have to SCREAM it. Its not really the citizens polluting the planet, governments are actually the worse culprits! I sure don’t spray chemical trails in the sky or dump sewage in Lake Erie. I don’t dump nuclear waste God only knows where! Why should we be punished when they do the crimes?

May God grant us all boldness!