Death And Life

We experienced some rough spots at work and right now now its been kind of hard. We’re not lacking work, we just hired more people. It’s just that mortality has been staring at us in the face. My foreman was severely sick (either mega bronchitis or outright pneumonia) over Christmas AND a guy on first shift went in for surgery. Now my foreman is back on the injury list thanks to his sciatic nerve. Then the real tragedies strike: a coworker loses her baby and the man who owns the place dies right in the office. I have been forced to rethink things a bit. Free Soul Papa is lucky to be alive. He’s had 4 heart attacks and has to eat a handful of meds just to stay alive. With his health still slowly deteriorating, I’ve had to think about what I would have to do if he were to go on to heaven. Free Soul Papa is the driving force in this family and it would take a dozen people to fill his shoes. Could I do it? I don’t know, my feet are awfully small. And now I’ve got to face reality, one I haven’t wanted to even think of. I try to learn from him what I can, but my brain is just not wired for a lot of what he knows. It takes forever for me to learn even simple mechanics and carpentry, my brain is just not wired for it. His is, so he’s got this vast wealth of knowledge just waiting for a student. I try, but its very hard for me. Free Soul Boyfriend intends to be that student, for which I am grateful  I would hope that if we can both learn what we can from him, we can then work as a team when he is gone.

Nobody lives forever in this world. Both a baby and an old man died this week. Death does not discriminate on age, it just simply takes at its first opportunity. Half of living is avoiding dying. The other half of living is having fun while avoiding dying. Honestly, I’m not really afraid of dying, I know where I’m going. I’m washed in the blood of Jesus, I’ve got my eternal retirement plan covered. Its the responsibilities that would rest on my shoulders when Pops goes that makes me nervous. It would be up to me to keep the homestead going and make sure Free Soul Mama is taken care of. Would I be able to do it? Will I be able to keep things running? Today I ask myself these questions, I will need them in the future. May God grant you all peace.