Whats With All The Superbugs?

More and more I am seeing reports, not only in alternative news sites, but also in the main stream sources, of more and more superbugs, or antibiotic resistant infections. Is this a warning or a scare tactic, I wonder? Even the alternative news sites tend to be on the sensationalist side and when a handful of people get sick with something nasty and die they, just like the main stream media, treat it like its the gnarliest pandemic ever to face mankind. Guess what, it always fizzles out. I’m still waiting for SARS and the bird flu to kill off mankind, along with this new swine flu they’ve been touting. Seriously, whats next? The frog pox?

According to what I’ve been hearing, most of the cases of drug resistant infections start in the HOSPITAL. I’m no expert in such matters, but I have a pretty good idea as to why. First of all, you have a lot of sick people creating a lot of bad bacteria in one small area. Second, you have the overuse of chemical antibiotics. In hospitals, where the really nasty bacteria breeds rapidly, it comes into constant contact with chemical antibiotics. If given a poison in low, nonfatal doses over a period of time, the human body often gains an immunity to the poison. This is why drug addicts and alcoholics have to use more and more and more to get the same high. The same thing happens with bacteria. After a while, it becomes immune to the antibiotic after being exposed to it for so long.

Doctors tend to hand out antibiotics like candy for every little thing. Our livestock are fed tons of antibiotics which go into our meat supply. Antibacterial soap, cleaners, and hand sanitizers are in nearly every home to try to make our environments as sterile as possible. So not only are superbugs gaining immunity to antibiotics, we are losing our immunity to the superbugs and even the regular bacteria. If we have too sterile an environment, we have very limited exposure to bacteria and therefore gain very little immunity.

Am I worried that the human race will be destroyed by drug resistant bacteria? No. I have garlic and raw honey, I will be fine. Could we see major problems in the future with this? Maybe. Most infections are preventable. Keep your immune system up, eat healthy, and keep any wounds clean. Right now, I’m far more concerned about Russia and China saying, “America, go to hell,” and teaming up to nuke our fannies.

God grant you all peace.

Pride Goes Before A Destruction…

…And a haughty spirit before a fall. You’ll find those words in the Bible, Proverbs 16:18. That verse is exactly what I thought when I heard that the stock market was reaching record highs. Last time that happened, we had the crash of ’08 right after. What happened in 1929, right after the ‘Roaring Twenties’? People are lead to believe that a high stock market means that our economy is in full recovery. The fact is, we have been in a full blown depression since 2008. The powers that be can cook up all the ‘facts’ they want, nothing can change the truth that we are in serious trouble. Inflation keeps rising, as does unemployment. No where near enough jobs are being created to put a dent in those unemployment numbers. Everyone reading this probably does not have to be told that the only thing keeping the stock market up is the plunge protection team and a lot of wishful thinking. You can thank Bennie Bernanke for all the good his quantitative easing (QE) has done.

The only thing holding up the dollar right now is blind trust. This blind trust is beginning to rapidly dissipate into a noxious cloud of anger, hatred, and betrayal. Some are already losing trust: the BRICS  nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Russia, China, and India have been buying Iranian oil with gold, not dollars. What a coincidence that our leaders here are chomping at the bit to invade Iran? Saving the dollar was the cause of our going into the middle east in the first place. We bombed a straight line through the mountains in Afghanistan under the premise of fighting Al-Qaeda  (whom the government can’t seem to decide whether or not they are our enemies) and the Taliban, invaded Iraq (who did not do a blame thing to us, the 9/11 hijackers were SAUDI ARABIANS, so why were we in Iraq?), monkeyed around in Pakistan a little, bombed the crap out of Libya, and now we’re arming and training Syrian rebels, many of whom are our enemy (ok, they’re our friends here) Al-Qaeda. Why? Afghanistan didn’t want the pipeline run through their mountains. Saddam wanted gold instead of dollars, same as Ahmadinejad does now. I don’t have a bloody clue what O-Bomb-a had against Libya and I’m still a little foggy on why our government wants Assad outed. Probably they are fed up with the bull hockey the bullies… I mean, LEADERS, of this country have been giving them. Now Iran is on the chopping block.

What would happen if the blind trust were to give way completely? I’m no expert in such matters, but it could go something like this: Realizing that the dollar is completely worthless, countries try to offload their dollars en mass. That means that all those trillions of dollars will have to go somewhere. Right. Back. Home. Coupled with all these QEs, which is a fancy term for inflation, all this worthless toilet paper is poured back into our markets, bringing hyper inflation of the likes we’ve never seen. It would suck.

How long will the dollar last as the world reserve currency? I don’t know. It should not have made it this long. That’s why I only keep enough cash in the bank to pay my bills. other than that, I don’t trust financial institutions. When I think of investing, I think of hard assets  like semi precious metals (brass, lead, steel), food, and medical supplies. Personally, I really don’t have the extra money to buy silver or gold, so I scrimp and save for what little gear I can get. There are countries preparing themselves for the fall of a haughty nation, are you?

New Blog!

Hi, everyone, I’ve been working on a special little project: a story blog! Basically, I’m writing a collection of posts that form a story, or a novel of sorts in blog form.  Look for Copperhead Militia, you’ll find it. Not sure if I can post the link, as this is a freebie blog and I got in trouble for that already. Hope you like, tell me how I’m doing!