Where is God SHTF?

When things get FUBAR (Fracked Up Beyond All Recognision), there are going to be a lot of folks who are going to blame Somebody really important Who is completely innocent of all the crap going on. Why is it when mankind screws up royally, God gets the blame? The schumer about to hit the fan is not God’s fault! People will whine and complain, “Why did God do this to us”, or, “Why did God let this happen?” Well, here’s why.

Freewill. When God created man, He did not want mindless robots, so we were all given our own personalities and the capability to make our own choices in life. Most of us want nothing more than to live out our lives in peace. However, there are many who choose to bring destruction. Was it God’s fault that T.J. Lane killed a bunch of students in the high school in Chardon, OH? Was it God’s fault that a Meth lab blew up in an Ashtabula, OH nursing home, killing the resident? Was Hurricane Sandy God’s fault? No. Did He let them happen? Yes. When it comes to people doing evil, God lets them choose wether or not to do it. He hates to see his creation doing evil things, but He lets it go… for now. Why? Freewill. God did not create us to be His mindless robots, He created us to enjoy fellowship with Him forever. Sadly, many choose to disobey God and hurt others or themselves. Those will, if they do not change their minds and live in God’s grace, pay with their souls. You guessed it, an eternal vacation in hell: always warm, though rather dark, severed from God forever with the bonus of being eaten by worms!

Many start paying their dues while still on earth. After a couple of years being hooked on Meth, a person looks aged by like twenty years and has blotches all over the skin. Sexual perversion leads to unwanted pregnancy and STDs for many. Alcohol abuse destroys the liver among other things. I knew a man suffering from a lung disease who would say, “The devil did this to me!”, but he still continued to smoke! We are responsible for the choices we make, not God.

As for natural disasters, we have to remember what happened in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, they brought the curse of sin (destruction, death, decay, disaster) upon us all and upon all things not in heaven. God often allows these natural disasters to happen to punish people or nations in great sin or to test people, but He does not create them. America is a nation full of pride and arrogance, full of the blood of her murdered unborn children and mockingly flaunting all her perversions like precious treasure. Greed is her desire.

The economic collapse is not God’s fault, the blame lies in the hands of greedy bankers. The swing into socialism isn’t God’s fault, WE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. For generations we have been alseep as Satan’s minions slowly destroyed our country. We stand before a fork in the road. The road on the left is wide and most people choose it’s winding, crooked path. The road on the right is narrow and traveled by a few. Oue corrupt leaders have made their choice. We must make ours. I choose the right road. I choose freedom and liberty.

May God grant you all peace.

Trust And OPSEC

OPSEC is extremely important to people like us, but so is community because you can’t do everything alone. So how much info do you let out? How do you know you can trust someone? What about warning others about whats coming? All of these things are important. So, here is what I do.

I warn anyone I can at every oppertunity I get. Mostly people agree with me about the economy and politics, but they are still unwilling to give up their normal way of life to prepare for what is coming, even though they KNOW its going to get rough. Most folks at work know I prep, they just havn’t been told what I have. Honestly, no one thinks I’m crazy either, and I do my best to give preppers a good name. One guy calls me a boy scout (even though I’m a girl). Also, they don’t know where I live. If they were to talk to the Feds or the zombies, they can’t give any info. Besides, our loving gov’t knows I prep already.

So what about being able to trust someone with more sensitive info? Trust has to be earned around here. One family I know the dad heads it, the mom is voluntarily only semi-informed, the oldest child (daughter) is trustable and a full on prepper, but the youngest child (son) can’t be trusted at all and currently screwing his life up. In our family, Free Soul Boyfriend is working hard to earn our trust and is learning how to be more OPSEC himself. For him, this is quite a culture change!

Here is what I do. I warn, but don’t tell. I’ll tell anyone what’s going on, but I won’t tell just anyone what I have or where I live. I’m cautious on who I trust and who I let have info on just what I do. Its a case by case situation.

Always either lay your cell phones by a loud radio or leave them in your car or at home if you are discussing your preps. The Feds can and do listen in on you. NEVER DISCUSS YOUR PREPS, ESPECIALLY GUNS OVER THE CELL PHONE OR COMPUTER. You have to be very careful as our loving gov’t thinks we are the enemy and has made the NDAA (National Defence Authorization Act) just for us. Remember, they’re commies.

Do not let your home be an obvious prepper site. Don’t tell potential zombies where you live. Do not advertise yourself on Doomsday Preppers. Doing these things is STUPID. Now folks know where you live, and in some cases, what you have. Pretty much, you have to live kind of a double life. Inside, you are a freethinker and wise to what is going on. On the outside, you are an average American.

May God give you all peace.

Don’t Forget The Little Stuff

How many of us stock up on things like nail clippers and have them in our gear? How about chapstick? Tweezers and extra key chains? I hear so much about the bullets, beans and bandaids, but I rarely hear of the small stuff that makes life better. If you really think about it, what would life be like without the comforts of a little nail clipper? Not only do I use them to keep my nails trimmed, I also dig out shallow slivvers with them, especially when there is no end sticking out. I couldn’t last one winter without good chapstick. I find it super cheap at salvage food stores.

How about cigarette lighters? I don’t smoke, but I always carry one and I have them in my gear. They are super cheap to buy and will light fires faster than a magnesium firestarter. Besides, by the time you run out of lighters, you hopefully will have practiced your magnesium firestarter and have gotten good at it. I plan on buying a few Zippos and a lot of fuel.

Pens, markers and paper. Notebooks (no, not the computers). Extra washclothes because your toilette paper stash won’t last forever. Look around, what do you use a lot that you overlook in your preps? How about a few extra pairs of kitchen scissors? Shoe strings, clear nail polish (stuff has a lot of uses, like waterproofing watches temporarily), a good stack of metal clothes hangers (a bunch of uses, too many to list), and much, much more.

I hope this helps. May God grant you all peace.

Imagining Yourself In A Survival Scenario

This is actually one of my favorite pasttimes. It helps me to think about every step I would have to take to either bug out, escape a city, or go rescue a friend in multiple different scenarios. I hope that this article will help out the beginning preppers still trying to figure their plans or for anyone who hadn’t thought about this before. For this purpose, I will use a more typical American lifestyle.

Imagine yourself just getting up on a cold winter morning. The first thing you realise is that the house seems much colder now than it did when you went to bed. You check your bedside clock, only to find that it stopped completely. The power is out. You check your cell phone for the time. It’s dead. Now something seems strange. It was on charge all night, right? How long has the power been out? To keep from freezing to death, you go out and try to start your generator. It doesn’t even try. Now you are suspicious. Could it be? Immediatly you head to the car and try to start it. Nothing. You are the victem of either a nuclear EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) or a super strong CME (Coronal Mass Ejection, produced by the sun) has hit you directly. Now you have to think.  Do I stay or do I go elsewhere? If you decide to stay, what will you do for heat, light, security, human waste disposal, water, food, and still be able to bug out if you have to? If you decide to go elsewhere, then you have to figure out how to do all that on the move.

Now I enter myself. I’m at work when the lights go out. I check my cell. Dead. Maybe one of my flashlights will work, maybe not. Chances are good for those. I calmly clean my area like everyone else, then go out to start my car. My foreman has been trying to call the owner, but all phones are out and his cell is dead too. Soon I find that ALL cells are dead. I know right away what I’m up against. My car doesn’t start, just as I figured. Not a single car in the lot starts. I figure its a nuclear EMP, I always act like its the worse situation. I live 20 miles from home and work in a rough town. Luckily, my place of employment is right on the edge of town.

I know that I have to act fast before things get nuts. I open my trunk and get out my in-car get-go bag and some other personal artifacts. I can make it home in probably 12 hrs and not a lot of breaks if I don’t have to detour cross country if I take my preferred route. Secondary route means following the river out, only to be used in extreme situations. I could also follow the freeway, but that is not likely unless an earthquake made the other two impassible. I already dress primarily in green, black and brown, so I’ll blend into the woods real fast.

I calmly grab my gear, warn a few others, get called crazy, and go home. I also warn people not to follow me. Once home, I ask if mom made it home yet herself. If she hasn’t, I go help look for her. We are already pretty well set up at home to handle this type of situation, though we are always doing more.

May God grant you all peace.

“An Once Of Prevention…”

“… Is worth a pound of cure.” I don’t know who said it first, but it is one of my all-time favorite quotes and should be a prepper’s mantra. Unfortunately, just yesterday an incedent happenned here that could have been very tragic, and was 100% preventable. Some time ago, a water tank was openned to see how it was working or something, BUT THE LID WAS NEVER CLOSED PROPERLY. Then yesterday, as I was going outside to scrape the clay off my workboots with a stick, I heard a splashing sound in an odd place. Our poor little Andy, a Shi-tzu Dachsund mix, had fallen in! I don’t know how long he’d been in there, but he was tired and cold. Luckily the water level was high and I could reach him without a problem. I immediatly cinched the lid shut as soon as he was safe.

If he would have fallen in ten minutes later, he would have drowned as I would have been on my way to work and my parents were working at the church. Let this be a lesson to all. We were lucky this time. Be on alert to make sure that the preventable accidents don’t happen. Come shtf, there may be no doctor to patch up your body. Our dumb mistakes can kill us.

May God grant you all peace.

Dog Packs Postcollapse

We hear constantly about how to defend ourselves against our two-legged enemies, living and living dead. However, I don’t hear much about another very real and serious danger that walks on four legs: dog packs. Dog packs can be just as much a danger as ‘zombies’, yet hardly anything is said about them. With the economy getting worse by the day, more and more people are dropping off their precious pooches in the country to fend for themselves, believing that someone will see them and care for them. If the flow rate of dropped off animals is small, then often that is the case. We personally have taken one in that turned out to be a great dog. But if the flow rate of animals is high, then the countryside gets swamped. The dogs will then start forming packs THAT ARE NOT AFRAID OF HUMANS. These packs will be highly dangerous.

Though not as smart as ‘zombies’, dogs are far faster and can sometimes be more determined. Who doesn’t feel a little fear when 6-7 snarling, hungry dogs come at them? They’ll be on you very quickly, and no matter how good of a shot you are, if they are close enough to be coming after you, its very hard to shoot fast enough to kill enough of them to make them turn back. If you are alone, pray that they are gun shy, especially if you don’t have a good scatter gun on you.

Dogs have a better sence of smell and and are already equiped with the gear and instincts they need to kill you. They don’t need night vision scopes. They can sneak right up on you. Experienced dogs can even pull off crude ambushes! If you see a large number of dog tracks in your area, you had better be on guard.

Not every pack will be human aggressive, thank God. Many packs are human shy strays. Some hunters may also keep packs of hounds or some folks just simply have a lot of dogs (we have 5). Rule of thumb: learn which of your neighbores have dogs, what they look like, and wether or not they are aggressive to humans or livestock or not. This way, if they old man down the street’s seven Saint Bernards get loose, you know already that these are not a threat, just seven big, goofy, happy dogs that need to be brought home. Then, when you see a real pack, you know that they don’t belong here and must be dealt with immediatly.

May God give you all peace.

Using Water Efficiently

The average American family wastes a lot of water without even thinking about it. Just turn on the faucet and the water never ends. Running water is a blessing, but we have taken it for granted. One day, the water streaming happily from the faucet may trickle to a stop. Water rationing, frozen pipes, natural or man made disaster… any of these can cause a shortage of water. No more shower every day for each member of the family.

We haul our water in from our well in a 5 gallon plastic bucket. Believe me, when you have to haul water inside by hand, you learn a lot of ways to use much less water just because you don’t like making so many trips to the well. First I’ll discuss bathing. Bathing is very important in terms of hygene, but not only do many people bathe too often, they use too much water per session. Think about it. How many gallons do you use per shower or bath? I use approximately two. I only bathe once or twice a week, depending on how dirty my hais is, though I wash the spots that get really dirty (my arms and face) every day. Do I stink? Nope. Do I look dirty? Nope. In fact, bathing too often strips your skin and hair of the oil that keeps it from getting too dry. I only need lotion for my hands (which get washed several times a day), the rest of my body is baby soft.

When washing hands, I observe that many of my coworkers use a high flow of water. It’s almost like they pressure wash their skin with the sink faucet. I’m sometimes horrified! I try to use a very small rate of flow and am trying to now get in the habbit of shutting the water off between soaping and rinsing.

When doing dishes, many seem to think that they need a constant flow of hot water for washing and rinsing. A lot of water gets wasted because we suffer from germiphobia. When I do dishes, I use two tubs, one for rinsing, one for washing. I mix a little vinegar in the rinse water to kill germs. The wash water isn’t changed unless it gets really bad or the dishes are done. As long as it’s hot and soapy, it’s fine and cleans great. Just save the greasy stuff for last. After doing the dishes, the rinse water is used as hand washing water until dirty. This may sound gross, but the amount water saved is HUGE. Our family is rarely sick, so we must not be doing anything wrong.

This is just a start. When your water supply is limited, you’ll have to get creative. May God give you all peace.

City Rabbit

This is a true story. Seriously, I’m not kidding. When Free Soul Papa was a boy, he used to hunt rabbits, dress them out, and sell them. The local farmers, however, would only buy the rabbits if he left the feet on. Why? First, I’ll give you some background. My grandfather was 42 when he married my grandmother who was 17 at the time. My dad was the youngest of 6 boys from that marraige. Well before then, in the Depression Era, my grandfather would hunt and sell ‘rabbits’ to unsuspecting city folk. A dressed out rabbit and a dressed out cat are nearly indistinguishable, especially to the untrained eye, unless you left the feet on. A lot of barn cats kind of disappeared. Of course, the locals knew what what he was really doing. So the old timers always told Free Soul Papa,”Leave the feet on, boy” City rabbit just wasn’t their cup of tea.

When things get tough, we have to be willing to eat things we wouldn’t normally eat. During hard times, my one uncle fed his family woodchuck. Just didn’t tell the kids what they were really eating. Yep, a lot of spoiled kids will either eat their veggies or face starving to death. Honestly, I don’t look forward to having to include ‘exotic meat’ in the menu either, so I hope and pray we can get better at gardening quick and keep the flock of chickens going. Speaking of chickens, we just had a hen hatch out another batch of chicks just a few days ago. It’s November, whats wrong with her!!!???

SHTF Mental Preparedness, How Do I Accomplish This? Please Help Me

I personally have never been through an honest to goodness shtf situation. Sure, I’ve been in some hard spots in life and there were times we really had to scrape to get by, but I’ve never been through anything that could justifiably be called an shtf situation. So how do I prepare for when shtf if I don’t know what it looks like firsthand? I’ve never gone hungry, always had a roof over my head, clean water, and halfway decent clothing. My parents were never divorced, so I had a fairly stable home life. I’ve never served in the military, so war is foreign to me. So how do I prepare mentally for something in which I have no idea what to expect? In all honesty, I have no idea just how I will react YOYO (you’re on your own) time!

So I try to do the best I can. I watch disaster and postapocalyptic movies to try to get a visual on what the situation would look like. I also read similar books. I also utilize the internet (like Youtube) to research disasters and how they work. Then, I try to place myself in the disaster and work my way out over and over and over again. This is the only way that I have so far found to prepare mentally. If anyone has some good suggestions, please comment.

May God grant us all peace.

If Life Imitates Art, We’re Screwed

About two or three years ago, I was invited out to see a movie with some Christian friends of mine. The movie was Eat Pray Love. I’m not big into that genre of movie, but I was disgusted with this one. The film centers on a woman who, in her search to find herself, divorces a loyal and loving husband, had her ‘seeking God’ in Eastern religion (I am a devout Christian, so yes, I was offended by this), and having sex with two other men she wasn’t married to. Sure, she helped a single mom in Bali, but the heart of her husband doesn’t matter? While my friends enjoyed the movie, I tried to understand why the sins of adultry and idolotry were so entertaining.

Entertainment today glorifies every vice that Satan has imagined. In Eat Pray Love, for example, makes divorcing the man who loves you and breaking his heart ok. The Universalist teaching of ‘all roads lead to God’ permeated the script. And, of course, its just fine and dandy to commit fornication with whomever you will. With movies like this, its no wonder we pretty much lead the world in broken families and teen pregnancy. Besides, the Bible doesn’t matter any more, so who cares?

I don’t know who said this, but whoever said it said it well: life imitates art. The art in this country, namely video games, movies, and music, glorifies massive violence, sexual perversion, theft, murder, divorce, lies, bratty kids, hapless dads, racial tensions, extreme feminism, degradation of women, corruption, greed, destruction of Christianity, smoking, drinking, using drugs, and the breakdown of the family system. Look around you, what do you see? In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the winds had barely wound down and the water hadn’t receeded when the looting started in NYC. Then these scumbags showed off their illegal gains on the internet. Naked people are running around chewing on people. Hundreds of unborn babies are murdered each day. Remember how fast society in New Orleans broke down after Katrina?

Fruedism, Darwinism, Atheism, Hegelism and many other similar lines of thought have permeated our society. These lines of thought make us think that we are nothing but animals, therefore there is no moral law except the one you make. Without a real purpose in life, people stop caring. Expanding on this is Socialism, the direction that we are headed right now. Remember Auschwitz, the gulags, and Moaist style societal reforms. If humans are nothing but animals, then we can be treated as animals. God help us.