Let The Games Begin!

I think of the current situation in the middle-east as a chess match between the USA and NATO and Russia and her allies. One makes a move, then the other. The West made a mess out of the middle-east, then Russia steps in to clean it up, then Turkey shoots down a Russian fighter jet, then Russia really blows the heck out of Turkey’s anti-Assad allies in Syria, then Turkey blocks Russia’s ships in the Black Sea(?). Now Iraq wants us gone, for which I cannot blame them. We screwed them over enough. Guess who is being courted to take our place? Russia. Clowns verses KGB agent, guess who wins. Seriously, what we have to call reality would make a great script for a comedy if so many people weren’t actually dying. When future generations look back at us, they will wonder how we have become so stupid. The more advanced (supposedly) our civilizations have become, the more effective we are at killing each other. At least with swords and spears it took real time and effort to kill each other, now we have nukes and can turn whole cities into a wasteland with a press of a button. ┬áIn fact, we don’t even have to be at war to nuke each other, Fukushima is doing a fine job of irradiating the planet. Slow, sure, but effective enough.

So now the West and Russia are putting their pieces in place for a heck of a show down. Sadly, this isn’t a game and a lot more people are going to die.

Stay alive and stay aware.

Because It Doesn’t Affect Me

That’s what my boundsoul coworker told me when I asked if he was aware of what was going on between Russia and Turkey and he told me ‘No.’ Of course I replied something to the effect of ‘Not until the nukes start flying.’

We are literally watching the chess pieces being put into place for what may be the worst combat conflict in the known history of mankind and people don’t care because it doesn’t affect them. It’s over there. I still have my beer and The Walking Dead will be back on in February. Electric still works. Ginny still fills me in on the latest town gossip at church. We still have IPhones. They believe that what’s over there will stay over there. Problem is, it may not stay over there. What will all these people do then? Our Clown-in-Chief fired all the good military officers and put in yesmen. We didn’t win anything in the middle-east, we just messed everything up. Russia blew the hades out of ISIS in just a few days more than we did in a few years. Are our commanders that lazy or is Russia actually stronger? Of course, it is my personal belief that the West, especially America, is actually supporting ISIS and other terror groups instead of really fighting them. So, what happens when it all blows up in our face?

America and Turkey are allies. If Turkey starts a shooting war with Russia, and mind you, they already shot first, we’ll join in one way or another and so will NATO. However, Russia is not alone and their good buddy China is no slouch anymore. Iran will not let the problems around them affect their home turf without a fight. Slowly, but surely, more and more nations are looking to Russia for help. Why? After looking at the mess we made in the middle-east, we have to be either extremely narcissistic fools or extremely psychopathic narcissists. Of course, anyone reading this knows that the whole thing is over the petrodollar and propping up what’s left of our economy while the bankers rob us blind. With America’s tainted reputation for being a global bully, we may actually find ourselves nearly friendless when the bear roars and the dragon breathes fire. So, do events taking place on the other side of the planet affect us? I would say that the answer is ‘yes.’

Be in prayer.