Is A Generator Really Worth It?

Generators are huge in the prepper/survivalist circles. It seems to be something that is a must-have. For all the great stuff a generator can do, have we stopped to think about the down side of having one? These things can be very expensive, so before buying one, listen for a moment and consider a few facts.

1. Generators are good ONLY for a short term power grid failure. Unless you have thousands of gallons of treated fuel stored in your back yard, it won’t run for long. Even multi-fuel generators have to have fuel or they won’t run. So unless you can store a lot of fuel or make your own, a genereator could be a big hulk of wasted money in a long term power grid failure.

2. Most generators are loud, telling everyone in your neighborehood and beyond that you’ve prepared for a crisis and now they know who to ask for a handout. Even worse would be a societal collapse where you could be the first target of a roving gang of looters.

3. Unless you have blackout curtains, the lights in your home if the rest of town is in the dark would give you the same effect as #2.

4. If it breaks down during a long term shtf situation, it could be very hard to find parts for it.

5. If its tied into your home, in the event of a massive CME (Coronal Mass Ejection, a solar flare) hitting our part of earth or a nuclear EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) it could get fried with everything else.

Don’t feel blue, there’s always an alternative to electricity! Now that its getting colder, perishable foods can be stored in a large plastic tub either in the coldest room or in a shed. In the summer, you can make a zeer, which is used all over Africa as a means to keep their food cooler. Instead of freezing meat, learn how to can, jerky, and smoke it instead. For an emergency stove, I’ve found that making hobo stoves works very well. Use your natural creativity to come up with ways to not be stopped by power failure. Everyone’s situations will be different, so customise your own survival plan. Just by thinking outside the box, you may find that a generator really isn’t needed. I spent just over $100 to build a zeer and it really works! For me personally, its cheaper to just ditch the generator and live life with a smaller carbon footprint. My parents’ generator (a Honda engine with a Chevy alternator) only runs rarely and that’s just to charge up their battery bank when their solar panels can’t. Even so, with gas prices rising each year and the dollar on the brink of collapse, they’re trying to go all solar and wind turbine so they can stop relying on it. When I move into the old trailer we’re going to renovate for me, you won’t find a generator there.

Hurricane Sandy still giving us rain but at least the wind is gone. I work on the east side of Ashtabula and last night our lights were flickering. I heard that in the west side of Ashtabula the grid went down. Last I heard, the grid was down in Jefferson too. Here at home we did well. Only one tree down that we know about. I’ve been listening to the horror stories from the east coast where the storm really hit and honestly, I’m kind of disappointed with the American people. Even with plenty of warning, many did not prepare properly, nor did many evacuate the obvious flood zones. I shook my head with each picture I saw of people trying to drive through high rushing water or walk through flooded roads in serious winds. My brother works for Asplundh, a tree service company, and he was sent to New Jersey. The roof of the hotel where he was staying blew partly off! For all our east coast prepper friends, thank God for you all and that you had the common sence to plan ahead! God bless you!

This country has been through countless hurricanes and it seems that we’ve learned nothing. Now that Sandy is moving on and the power is still out all over the east, the clean up must begin and all of those who did not prepare will be begging for government assistance or complaining about the disruption to their lives.  I would hope that they would learn from this. For those living in any kind of flood zone, here is my advice:

1. Always have at least a week’s worth of food and water.

2.Do not store your preps in the basement or the first floor. If you experience a flood, your preps will be underwater.

3. Keep a go-bag ready at all times. That way, if you have to bug out, just grab it and go. Also keep important papers and stuff within easy reach for faster packing.

4. If you need to evacuate, get out early! You don’t want to be on the road when everyone else decides to get out too. The highways could turn into giant parking lots.

5. Always have a plan. Do you have somewhere to go? How will you get there? Do you have alternate routes? If you stay and the power goes out, do you have alternate ways of heating food, communication, staying warm, lighting, and staying clean? Can you do those things if you’re stranded on the second floor because the first one’s full of water?

Planning ahead is one of the best things you can do. To all of you on the east coast who were prepared for the storm, you are your own hero! I talked to Free Soul Boyfriend last night and his parents were afraid that the power would go out. People tend to forget that electricity wasn’t always available. The folks on the Mayflower didn’t have any and neither did George Washington. An emergency is only an emergency if you aren’t prepared beforehand (unless you’re losing a lot of blood lol).

Please pray for everyone affected by the storm as they set about cleaning up the aftermath. Special prayers for my brother as he works cleaning the trees off the power lines. May God grant you peace.

My Introduction

Hello all. I am a young woman from rural Ohio and I wish to share my experiences with you as I journey down the road of self-reliance. I am no expert in any subject, however I am willing to share what I’ve learned and learn more myself. I have lived off grid for, all totalled, about twelve years. I live with my parents and together we do our best to live closer and closer to the land. We heat with wood, use solar power as much as we can, had our first serious veggie garden this year, and use a composting toilette system. I have helped raise goats and chickens for many years and have a small amount of experience with horses. I have been learning as much herbology as I can as I can. With this country’s economy in total chaos and natural disasters on the rise, I believe that it is prudent to learn the old arts to preserve ourselves and our freedom. I am a Messianic Christian, devoted 100% to YHVH God and His son, Yeshua Jesus. I invite you to fellowship with me on this blog as we prepare to tackle the dark times ahead. May God give you peace.