The Theory Of Reverse Evolution

Being a creationist, I don’t buy into the theory of evolution where we evolved from apes. However, I am beginning to wonder about the theory of reverse evolution, where humans seem to be evolving into apes. When I look around at today’s society, I am appalled at the animal like behavior exhibited by the other members of my species. We have become so smart that we are dumb as bricks. Seriously, if our technology were to suddenly disappear, great numbers of our kind would die off in an extinction level event, even though we didn’t have it a hundred years ago! Then again, the Amish, Amazon natives, Bedouin herders, African tribes, and Samis  might enjoy the peace and quiet.

Also, as I keep my eye on the news, I constantly find stories of horrific acts that people do to each other. A guy eating another guy’s face off in Miami. A Muslim guy killing his own daughter because he thought that she was too ‘western’, AND they lived in America or the UK. Places in some cities so bad even the police won’t go there. Increased mass shootings. Bloodthirsty tyrants gaining more and more control in once free countries. Greedy bankers allowed to steal as much money as they want and never go to prison even if they are caught. The masses becoming more zombie like, hypnotized by the TV and brain dead from all the fluoride in the water. Society becoming so sexualized that now even our littlest children are dressing like teenage sluts. No one respects any one anymore. People don’t even seem to respect themselves.

As people think that I’m some sort of crazy neanderthal because of how I live, I just laugh. While they run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to keep up with the Joneses and their kids sit on the couch drooling and grunting in front of a violent video game, I’m going to enjoy life a little. Hmmmmm. Maybe reverse evolution is more fact than fiction. It certainly seems to be more provable than evolution. May God grant you all peace.


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