Sorry Folks! And other such news.

I have to apologize for the long silence, I’ve been a busy Free Soul. A lot has been going on with a lot of good news and bad. I broke up with my boyfriend around Easter am moving on well. Taking applications for Free Soul Boyfriend position. Got rid of all horses because Free Soul Papa’s heart can’t handle the work and we weren’t using them. Of course all the prepping keeps us busy and we had to be watchful during Grid-Ex 2 just to be on the safe side. Thank God Grid-Ex 2 didn’t really do anything that I am aware of. I’ve also been working quite a bit of overtime and have been fairly tired as of late and had two wisdom teeth pulled. Two down, two to go. But I’m sitting here now with techno music pounding into my brain and typing away.

I have some new ideas I want to try this next year. The first is an indoor veggie garden. With all of the weird weather, the honey bees dying off in droves because of Asian hornets, GMO pollen, and pesticides, the threat of GMO cross contamination, and past bad experiences with certain wild and domestic animals (the goats we no longer have, the chickens who couldn’t be contained in a maximum security prison, and the fat tunneling rodent that ate a lot of our potatoes) trashing our poor little (poorly planned, not my fault, long story) garden. This indoor garden (under MY full control) will require a new skill I have not learned yet: hand pollination. I will try to keep ya’ll updated when I do this. All my victories and failures. A lot of prayer and hard work.

Note on the indoor garden: This would be great for many of our in-town brothers and sisters who can’t have a traditional garden outside (even though I think tomatoes look lovely next to crocuses and doesn’t garlic have such grand flowers?). I’ve heard a lot of stories were cities have banned veggie gardens in some areas and even destroyed them. However, if a room is nice and sunny, can it be sacrificed for an out of government sight, out of government mind veggie garden? Word of warning: use your sunniest room because growing lights attract unwanted attention from law enforcement looking for a marijuana bust.

The next is raising, slaughtering, and canning my own hog. Now I’ve raised them plenty of times. I can slaughter large animals, so that’s not a problem. I have not canned meat, so another new skill for me to learn. I also want to save what I can of the extra fat and guts and make my own canned pet food to store for the coming troubling times ahead. I have a 50 pound dog and two cats that I want to survive with me. OK, one cat can supplement her diet with frogs (yes, she likes frogs), but the other two can only hunt their food dishes. I am confident that this idea won’t be hard for me to do considering my background.

I also want to start canning butter and maybe cheese. I’ve heard that milk can also be canned, so if anyone has done it before or knows someone who does please send recipe. I’d like to get back into goats again someday, but I’m going to plan it better and make sure the buggers are better contained. In a year or two I’d like to get the Angora goats, as the produce not only milk and meat, but also fiber for weaving. More skills to learn. Challenge accepted.

And I want those cute feathery footed chickens soooooooooooo bad…

Word Fun

Entitlement nation, instant satisfaction, we’ve become a bratty generation.

Gratification with no moderation, blind to the truth with no realization

Of government sedition of our rights and constitution. Water, air, and food pumped with contamination.

With a little suspicion, my premonition if we don’t act now liberty will face extinction.

Public education, heavy medication. Don’t forget to take your vaccination.

Criminalization of all good institution, hope you can swallow the severe taxation.

My intuition says globalization is socialist propaganda for terrorization.

No time for contemplation, we must set to correction to end government privatization.

Civilization needs a solution before we fall into complete insurrection.

Will we face the creation of a new revolution against the hideous violence and and overbearing corruption?

This is my petition: no more justification. We must rise as one to end our country’s degradation.

Things About The American Culture That Irk Me

I don’t know, maybe I’m just old fashioned and the changing times just don’t set well with me. So I decided to compile a humorous list of things I find irritating.

1.If someone is stupid enough to actually attempt suicide in order to gain attention for themselves, do they really need to be in the gene pool?

2. Drop the drama. Nobody really cares about the bad soap opera you made your life into.

3.If I hear another spoiled little brat complain about having to do chores… oh, I just want to backhand those whiny, disrespectful mouths!

4. I have no sympathy for self inflicted wounds and circumstances, not even my own.

5. Go ahead and keep smoking. Stop complaining about your health and why you have no spending money, my fellow coworkers.

6. Go ahead, keep eating junk food. When you are a diabetic, obese, and suffering from heart disease by the time you’re 25, don’t complain to me.

7. Don’t whine about losing your driver’s licence to drunk or reckless driving, I don’t want you driving either.

8. If the Illuminati wants to murder 95% of the Earth’s population, they can start with themselves.

9. To anyone who supports gun control: if in the event that I see someone commit a viscous crime against you ( armed robbery, rape, assault and battery, kidnapping, attempting to murder, etc.), because I respect your beliefs, I will not unholster my side arm to save you. Instead, I will call the police and wait until they arrive to give them a report. However, the thug(s) take one step toward me and I will blast him/her.

10. Weather people based in my area calling 2 inches of snow a cause for alarm. Really?

11. I still don’t see the big deal about designer clothes. I refuse to pay that much money for a lousy shirt.

12. I am not going to pay $300 for a mutt dog, I don’t care what cute thing you call it.

13. Lose some friggin’ weight people! It’s not that hard!

14. Fat girls who wear clothes way to small for themselves and their jelly rolls spill out all over.

15. When teens act like complete idiots just because they think that it makes them cool or cute. Many years ago I walked past two teenage boys about my age. One was blowing bubbles and rocking back and forth on one of those little storefront coin operated rides for little kids saying,” Pretty bubbles. Pretty bubbles”, as soon as he saw me. I kept my mouth shut because if I can’t say anything good, I shouldn’t say a darn thing. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, AMERICA!

Hope you enjoyed a little humor. May God grant you laughter.

The Theory Of Reverse Evolution

Being a creationist, I don’t buy into the theory of evolution where we evolved from apes. However, I am beginning to wonder about the theory of reverse evolution, where humans seem to be evolving into apes. When I look around at today’s society, I am appalled at the animal like behavior exhibited by the other members of my species. We have become so smart that we are dumb as bricks. Seriously, if our technology were to suddenly disappear, great numbers of our kind would die off in an extinction level event, even though we didn’t have it a hundred years ago! Then again, the Amish, Amazon natives, Bedouin herders, African tribes, and Samis  might enjoy the peace and quiet.

Also, as I keep my eye on the news, I constantly find stories of horrific acts that people do to each other. A guy eating another guy’s face off in Miami. A Muslim guy killing his own daughter because he thought that she was too ‘western’, AND they lived in America or the UK. Places in some cities so bad even the police won’t go there. Increased mass shootings. Bloodthirsty tyrants gaining more and more control in once free countries. Greedy bankers allowed to steal as much money as they want and never go to prison even if they are caught. The masses becoming more zombie like, hypnotized by the TV and brain dead from all the fluoride in the water. Society becoming so sexualized that now even our littlest children are dressing like teenage sluts. No one respects any one anymore. People don’t even seem to respect themselves.

As people think that I’m some sort of crazy neanderthal because of how I live, I just laugh. While they run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to keep up with the Joneses and their kids sit on the couch drooling and grunting in front of a violent video game, I’m going to enjoy life a little. Hmmmmm. Maybe reverse evolution is more fact than fiction. It certainly seems to be more provable than evolution. May God grant you all peace.

My Thoughts On Gun Control

I thought gun control was using both hands, then again I thought a ‘hoe’ was a garden utensil.

I thought female empowerment was a seven shot Taurus .357 Magnum revolver in the hands of a woman.

Gun free zones are nothing more than victim disarmament zones.

Patriots and politicians don’t seem to be one and the same anymore.

Molon labe.

Hitler liked gun control, too, and so did Mao. Look what happened to THEIR citizens.

Ask the American Indians whether or not its a good idea to trust your government.

Molon labe, you treasonous freaks!!!!!!

Don’t tread on me.

Gimme liberty or gimme death, and I mean it.

The right to keep and bear arms was not about hunting, it IS about us defending ourselves from those who want to take our other rights.

What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t they understand????!!!!

Sieg heil, heil BaracKarl ObaMarx! Der Fuhrer ist hier!

If the Commie president and his socialist Nazi cronies don’t want us to have guns, why don’t they give up their armed body guards?

I am a sovereign citizen, not a peasant slave. Why? I am armed and can’t be bossed around so easy.

ObaMarx better be careful in his policies because he is darn close to starting a civil war and has seemed to have forgotten his history lessons: 1776. We prevailed last time, we will again. History does repeat itself.

And now, for a parody: I’m proud to be an American/ Where at least I think I’m free/ And I won’t forget the men who die/ To take oil from Muslim countries/  I’ll gladly swill beer next to you/ And watch society decay/ There ain’t no doubt I love this land/ God help the USA!

May God grant you all peace and plenty of ammunition.

Another Doomsday LOL

Upon coming home from work I was still in a satirical mood, so I thought I’d share some more humor with everybody. This also proves that I have way too much time to think at the factory. Please remember that this is a joke and not to be taken seriously.

There are so many different predictions about what will happen on the 21st. Nabiru (however its spelled), asteroid impact, mega volcano erupting, zombie apocalypse, and the polar shift just to name a few. Most could happen at any time, a lot are just over the top. Best of all, no one can agree which disaster of extinction proportions is going to be the Doomsday crisis.  Will it be one or a combination of several? Will it be another Y2K? Just to be a good sport, I decided to make up a few humorous suggestions of my own.

1. Nukano. Imagine a big bunch of uranium near an active fault line being breached by molten lava on it’s way up? Nuclear Volcano!

2. Planet Earth being thrown off course by Nabiru or some other space body with a serious gravity field. Who needs to be blown to kingdom come by a comet? A little too close to the sun and our goose is cooked! Great idea for a Sci-Fi movie.

3. Global domination by North Korea. You never know, comrade. It would definitely suck.

4. Nukano #2. What if the melted down fuel rods of a nuke plant, say Fukushima, burned straight through the ground and broke into the magma layer? BOOM shakka lakka lakka!

5. The accidental release of a virus that is half rabies and half common cold. A super spreadable bug that is darn near impossible to treat once the symptoms appear that can sometimes take months to incubate. Lovely.

6. I should be having PMS around that time, does that count as a mega crisis?

Now you see what happens when I work on a Saturday. Haha I hope you enjoyed a little laughter. May God grant you all peace.

LOL My Doomsday Preparedness List

Mayan Calendar signalling the end: Super mega quakes, asteroid impacts, polar shift, nuclear war,  yadda, yadda, even three days of darkness. I’ve heard so many different versions of what people think will happen and most of it sounds like pure crockery. Sure, a lot of it is possible, it may someday happen, but all on one day? Seriously, tell me, which disaster happens on the 21st? Or all of them? No one can seem to agree. Its weird considering that the Mayans didn’t predict a doomsday, but actually simply the start of another cycle. I mean, Satan may stir up a little trouble on the 21st just to make people flip out, but I don’t see a major global disaster in the works. It may go by the way of Y2K. Even so, being the prepper that I am, I will prepare for even this. Here is my doomsday preparation list:

1. 1 four pack of Kahlua Mudslides. Why not?

2. 1 forty count bag of pepperoni pizza rolls. If its the end of the world, I’m going out happy.

3. A good movie. Find a good disaster movie, get in the mood.

4. A king size package of peanut butter cups. Couldn’t survive an apocalypse without them.

With those, I will be set. Doomsday, Shmoomsday, I’ll be ready!

City Rabbit

This is a true story. Seriously, I’m not kidding. When Free Soul Papa was a boy, he used to hunt rabbits, dress them out, and sell them. The local farmers, however, would only buy the rabbits if he left the feet on. Why? First, I’ll give you some background. My grandfather was 42 when he married my grandmother who was 17 at the time. My dad was the youngest of 6 boys from that marraige. Well before then, in the Depression Era, my grandfather would hunt and sell ‘rabbits’ to unsuspecting city folk. A dressed out rabbit and a dressed out cat are nearly indistinguishable, especially to the untrained eye, unless you left the feet on. A lot of barn cats kind of disappeared. Of course, the locals knew what what he was really doing. So the old timers always told Free Soul Papa,”Leave the feet on, boy” City rabbit just wasn’t their cup of tea.

When things get tough, we have to be willing to eat things we wouldn’t normally eat. During hard times, my one uncle fed his family woodchuck. Just didn’t tell the kids what they were really eating. Yep, a lot of spoiled kids will either eat their veggies or face starving to death. Honestly, I don’t look forward to having to include ‘exotic meat’ in the menu either, so I hope and pray we can get better at gardening quick and keep the flock of chickens going. Speaking of chickens, we just had a hen hatch out another batch of chicks just a few days ago. It’s November, whats wrong with her!!!???