Storing Milk: Is It Possible?

I don’t know about you, but powdered milk is not on my taste-buds’ A-list. Consequently, I don’t store a pinch of it. Powdered milk also doesn’t have a great shelf life, though I’m sure some have figured out how to extend it. Here is something I don’t see on any lists or sites: canned evaporated milk! I mixed it 50/50 with water, chilled it, and there was no difference in taste with that of real milk. Being canned, it should last a few years, right? Not forever, of course, but longer than powdered milk I would think. AND it tastes better. Canned evaporated milk has been on my stock up list for a few months now. It’s super cheap when I find it at discount grocery stores, 4 for a buck for the mini cans and 2 for a buck for the veggie can size. At the one dollar store I go to, it’s a dollar for the veggie can size. Not exactly super expensive, $10 even from the dollar store would get me enough milk to stretch just over a month if I’m careful with how much I use. Just thought I’d share this tidbit of info, if anyone has more to add, please comment!