Back Home For The Winter

This was probably the crappiest summer ever. We managed to get a foundation for the driveway done and that was it. All summer. The near constant rain just took all my plans away. So, I try again next year. Forgive the long silence, I can be pretty busy. FreeSoul Mama decided to let me have the chickens and bunnies, so now I have my own animals. YAY! And now that my poor little car has visited the mechanic on a number of occasions, maybe it’ll behave for a while.

So, I moved back to my parent’s house for the winter. Bummer, but with all the rain, we could hardly do any dirt work.

If anyone gets the chance, look up the Harbinger and the Isaiah 9:10 effect. The next Elul 29, the date in the Hebrew calendar that, every seven years, marks the Jubilee. The last market crash was in 2008, another happened in 2001, and at least a couple times before that at seven year intervals all around Elul 29, in the fall. The next is September 2015. I’m not predicting anything, just want you to keep your eyes open and be ready, just in case. I don’t have all the info, but it’s on the internet and just a little searching around will find it. Let those who really dove into all the research explain it to you, they’re better at it anyway.

Keep prepping and may God grant you peace.