This blog is for entertainment purposes only. There lurks in my first aid kit a familiar green can. Full of a yellowish goo of great awesomeness. I don’t know what its made of, but its close to being a miracle. As for me, I consider it one of the seven wonders of the world. It softens dry skin, it helps wounds heal better than that neosporin crap, and when my younger brother was a baby and had a bad case of diaper rash that nothing the doctor gave mom to give him worked, it cleared it like a boss. Just a yellowish goo made for cow udders. My friends, I’m talking about the humble bagbalm. Found in animal supply stores and even in supermarkets, this little buddy sells for $6-$7 a can. I have an unknown quantity (OPSEC) of the stuff stashed away in an unknown location.

Bagbalm has many uses, including coating your car door seals in the winter to keep them from freezing. Its part if my first line of defense when it comes to wound care and I’ve never had an infection spring up out of an injury smeared with it.  As always, try a little on a small patch of skin to be sure that you are not allergic to it .

May God grant you all peace!

The Post-SHTF Sewing Kit

The elastic of your underwear has worn out. It’s post-collapse of society. There are no stores selling underwear. There aren’t even any factories making elastic. What do you do? Your gutchies fall to your ankles before you can even get your pants on! Well, that sounds like a rather personal problem. Can you sew? What’s in your sewing kit? Those are two questions you have to ask yourself. I know that I can sew. I may only know a few basic stitches and what I make or repair doesn’t always look pretty, but it’s all FUNCTIONAL and that’s what matters. Honestly, looking too pretty SHTF would probably get a girl in trouble anyway, if you know what I mean. So, how would I fix this problem? Since I don’t know how long elastic lasts even when its not being used, I don’t store it. I’d make a cut down the front, back, or side of the underwear, hem both sides of the cut, draw it in til it fits , and sew on snaps. Make it work like pants.

If you’re like me and can’t make a button hole to save your life, snaps are your best friend. I can replace buttons and repair button holes, but I cannot make button holes. If I need to make clothes that need to button up, I will use snaps instead. Snaps come in all kinds of different sizes, so stock up on them all. Don’t forget to have buttons handy as well because I’m sure you’ll have to replace those too. It should goes without saying that every prepper should have jars full of needles, pins, and safety pins. I probably don’t have to tell you to fill a box full of good thread. Seam rippers are nice, and keep extra scissors around. Don’t get a whole lot of extra gadgetry. Use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method. Before buying, ask yourself, Do I really need it or can I save money by getting by without it? For example, I don’t use thimbles or the little doohickeys that help you thread a needle. I’ve just gotten a lot better at not stabbing myself and I’ve gotten practiced at threading needles without aid. Saved a few cents and a lot of space.

Learn to sew by hand. In a long term grid down situation, an electric sewing machine will get you nowhere. If you can, try to find an old treadle powered sewing machine. You can still find old Singers around. Personally, I do all my sewing by hand because I’m too cheap to get myself a treadle powered number lol. Keep a small sewing kit in each of your sets of bug out gear. Save all your buttons and still working zippers from worn out clothes.

When society collapses, the more skills you have, the better. Even something as simple as being able to patch a pair of jeans or repair a shirt seam can make a big difference. May God grant you all peace.

Pride Goes Before A Destruction…

…And a haughty spirit before a fall. You’ll find those words in the Bible, Proverbs 16:18. That verse is exactly what I thought when I heard that the stock market was reaching record highs. Last time that happened, we had the crash of ’08 right after. What happened in 1929, right after the ‘Roaring Twenties’? People are lead to believe that a high stock market means that our economy is in full recovery. The fact is, we have been in a full blown depression since 2008. The powers that be can cook up all the ‘facts’ they want, nothing can change the truth that we are in serious trouble. Inflation keeps rising, as does unemployment. No where near enough jobs are being created to put a dent in those unemployment numbers. Everyone reading this probably does not have to be told that the only thing keeping the stock market up is the plunge protection team and a lot of wishful thinking. You can thank Bennie Bernanke for all the good his quantitative easing (QE) has done.

The only thing holding up the dollar right now is blind trust. This blind trust is beginning to rapidly dissipate into a noxious cloud of anger, hatred, and betrayal. Some are already losing trust: the BRICS  nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). Russia, China, and India have been buying Iranian oil with gold, not dollars. What a coincidence that our leaders here are chomping at the bit to invade Iran? Saving the dollar was the cause of our going into the middle east in the first place. We bombed a straight line through the mountains in Afghanistan under the premise of fighting Al-Qaeda  (whom the government can’t seem to decide whether or not they are our enemies) and the Taliban, invaded Iraq (who did not do a blame thing to us, the 9/11 hijackers were SAUDI ARABIANS, so why were we in Iraq?), monkeyed around in Pakistan a little, bombed the crap out of Libya, and now we’re arming and training Syrian rebels, many of whom are our enemy (ok, they’re our friends here) Al-Qaeda. Why? Afghanistan didn’t want the pipeline run through their mountains. Saddam wanted gold instead of dollars, same as Ahmadinejad does now. I don’t have a bloody clue what O-Bomb-a had against Libya and I’m still a little foggy on why our government wants Assad outed. Probably they are fed up with the bull hockey the bullies… I mean, LEADERS, of this country have been giving them. Now Iran is on the chopping block.

What would happen if the blind trust were to give way completely? I’m no expert in such matters, but it could go something like this: Realizing that the dollar is completely worthless, countries try to offload their dollars en mass. That means that all those trillions of dollars will have to go somewhere. Right. Back. Home. Coupled with all these QEs, which is a fancy term for inflation, all this worthless toilet paper is poured back into our markets, bringing hyper inflation of the likes we’ve never seen. It would suck.

How long will the dollar last as the world reserve currency? I don’t know. It should not have made it this long. That’s why I only keep enough cash in the bank to pay my bills. other than that, I don’t trust financial institutions. When I think of investing, I think of hard assets  like semi precious metals (brass, lead, steel), food, and medical supplies. Personally, I really don’t have the extra money to buy silver or gold, so I scrimp and save for what little gear I can get. There are countries preparing themselves for the fall of a haughty nation, are you?

You Are What You Eat, So Why Do We Eat…

Sodium nitrate, sodium citrate, carageenan, monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, ascorbic acid, aluminum in all its many forms, monoglycerides, diglycerides, mechanically separated meats, fluoride, potassium chloride, the list goes on, gag, gag, gag… but so many could care less about all of the chemicals that we are eating every day. Could this be one of the reasons we are so sick? Could this be why cancer , heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other diseases are at epidemic levels? Along with chem trails, food and water additives are literally killing us! And its all legal according to our loving government. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are now the most common form of vegetable in many varieties, such as corn. What are these frankenfoods doing to us? The bottom line is that no one in our government really cares, this crap makes somebody an extra few bucks somewhere. The medical industry is just that, an industry. When you get sick, they make money. So, if the food companies make extra money pumping our chow full of garbage (making money for the chemical companies who would otherwise have a harder time getting rid of the stuff), then the toxic food gets us sick, so we go to the doctors and hospitals where we are pumped full of chemical pills that treat symptoms instead if curing the problem and destroy something else that will need yet another pill down the road to ‘treat’. Get what I’m saying? And the real problems are not even touched. Chem trails still lace the sky, fluoride is still dumped in our drinking water, toxic substances are still mixed in our food. So, what do we do about it?

Don’t buy the crap if you can help it! If you are at all able to grow and raise your own food, do it. If you have friends that can or do, help them for a share in the bounty. Try to find a trusted source of non-GMO vegetables and meat that is not full of antibiotics, irradiation, and growth hormones. Buy this stuff in bulk proportions, if your budget allows, and can it yourself. Also, detoxify your body regularly. Find a trusted source for herbal detoxifiers, or learn to grow and make your own. If you have city water, buy a powerful water filter that will filter out the chemicals in your water. Don’t be fooled by ‘All Natural’ or ‘Organic’ being on the label. I saw a box of ‘All Natural’ pancake mix that was loaded with aluminum. Speak up and reach out. Talk about these things and educate people. Most folks are blind to the chem trails that criss cross the sky, even though they are obviously not clouds. Most folks don’t read the ingredients or even the nutrition facts. Most people think that the Nazi mind control drug fluoride is actually GOOD for you. Most people think that our government really cares about us.

The government does not give a crap about us. They want total control over our lives. They hate people who can help themselves. You are a threat if you are self sufficient. Why else would they attack herbology, raw milk, small farmers and homesteaders, ban guns, allow all these toxins to be added to our environment, destroy our economy, throw God out of everything, wreck everything this country was founded on and stood for, and annihilate the morals of our people? We have an illegitimate, i.e. BASTARD,  government. Those bastards are not going to help us. We have to help ourselves. God bless those who are willing to stand on their own two feet. God bless the preppers, God bless y’all.


Everyone here knows the importance of a good pair of boots. The type of boots doesn’t matter, as everyone has their favorite. The main thing is finding the type of boots you like that are of good quality and preferably cheap. We all know that in a long term SHTF situation that boots will become worth more than gold. Even good quality boots will wear out relatively quick with all the hard work you will have to do to survive a post collapse world, so it makes sense to stock up on boots now, right?

My favorite style of boots are the military combat boots because they are rugged, reliable, comfy, and have awesome ankle support. Most of the time I wear an old pair of hand me down jungle boots. Unfortunately, one of them flap-jacked on me. I refuse to throw them away because the treads are still great, so I duct taped the toe shut. For chores outside in the winter, I have a $30 pair of Gortex lined combat boots of good quality that I had found at a gun show. I also own a pair each of black and white mickeys. I have an undisclosed amount of boots that I will refer to as my ‘extra pair’.

I rarely buy a pair of boots at full cost. I find them cheap at gun shows, army surplus stores, and ebay. I once found a pair of size 10 combat boots in decent shape at a salvation army store. They were were super cheap and not in bad shape. The only bad part was that I’m a size 7, not a 10. I’ve gotten so cheap that I refuse to pay more than 30 bucks for good quality boots anymore because I’ve been blessed with that ‘extra pair’.

To get rid of any little nasties, spray a water and bleach solution into the inside. That should kill anything like fungi or bacteria. Don’t forget to break in you boots before storing them. If you have to run and grab a pair on the fly, you want them pre-broke. Lol, I shouldn’t have to tell anyone here to keep them oiled. In fact, boot oil and extra laces should also be on your stock up list.

As always, may God grant you all peace.

Just A Few Home Remedies

Again, another stupid disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I do not claim to be a doctor, this is not intended to cure or heal any diseases, and this is for entertainment purposes only. Use these only at your own risk. Now to get to business 🙂

Now I am going to tell you the cool home remedies I actually use myself. Shouldn’t be that dangerous, eh? The first is peppermint and/or spearmint tea. I suffer from digestive problems, namely gas and what seems to be acid reflux. I don’t go to the doctor much, so I’m not diagnosed with any digestive ailments, but after matching symptoms I have a good clue on what’s going on. So I drink mint tea at least once a day. Tah-dah, gas gone. When drinking mint tea, I can feel the acid in my stomach settle down. We have spearmint growing semi-wild in our woods.

Bagged chamomile tea is another good remedy. The bags of this tea can be used as a poultice for for skin irritations. Just wet the bag and tape it to the affected area. Don’t forget to keep the bag moist. Another good herbal remedy for skin irritations is Jewel Weed. Its kind of a bright green plant, kind of skinny and gangly. It has small, orange, trumpet shaped flowers that turn into seed pods that spring open at your touch when they are mature. Best to look up a picture. Just pick some, crush it up, and smear it on the affected area or use as a poultice.

Mycin antibiotics are another great remedy. We get ours in the form of oral antibiotics for animals. I’ve found it under about three names: Terramycin, Agrimycin, and Duramycin. Forgive me if the spelling isn’t quite correct. We get these at local co-ops, feed stores, and Tractor Supply. This antibiotic dissolves readily in water and tastes absolutely horrible. So far as of yet, the only thing I have found that mellows the taste is coffee, and I don’t like that either. The stuff darn near lasts forever. I’ve used it for strep throat and swollen tonsils with success. Just guesstimate about how much of the powder you need, based on the weight chart and dissolve in water.  This stuff can also be made into a salve of sorts and smeared onto an infected wound. Add only enough water to make a paste, too much water makes a liquid. I did this for one of our horses and the infection was gone in, like, I think two days. The stuff is a yellow powder and is not intended for use on humans.

Cayenne pepper can be used as a blood stop. Free Soul Mama was not pleased with this remedy, even though it worked (you should have seen the look on her face!). I have also used it and believe me, it does sting a little.

I have successfully used a chickweed salve, not made by me, to slowly get rid of both toe nail fungus and an ingrown wart on my feet. Bag Balm is not only cheaper than Neosporin, it also works better. Also used as skin lotion. Comes in a green can and sold almost everywhere now a-days. Free Soul Mama uses Oil of Oregano drops to annihilate colds and congestion. I use oil of garlic in the cat food to diminish the fleas. The cats love the garlic! It doesn’t get rid of all the fleas, but it does greatly diminish the population.

I hope this helps. May God grant you all peace.

Prepping Cheap

On a budget? Living paycheck to paycheck? I know how you feel, I’m there myself. So I can’t prepare as much as I’d absolutely love to. However, I have found ways to get many of the things that I need:

1. Learn to grow your own garden. Cheap way to put food on the table. Learn to can and dehydrate and then you can stash it for a long time. Note: buy ONLY heirloom seeds. Seeds that are not of the heirloom variety will not reproduce and give you usable seeds for the following year.

2. If you have salvage food stores in the area, utilize them. With products there at about half price give or take, its a great way to save money. Salvage food stores not only stock food, but also other household products like aluminum foil, shaving supplies, and even pet products! The only downside is that their stock constantly changes.

3. When you run out of something like your favorite deodorant or toothpaste, buy 2 or 3, use one and stash the rest. Don’t forget to keep a sharp eye out for sales.

4. Yard sales and the like. Heavy wool blanket for 5 bucks? Long candles for 10 cents a piece? An older load bearing ALICE(?) complete vest set up for another 5 bucks? Yes, I actually found that vest set up 😀 ! A rare find, I couldn’t pass it up.

5. Ebay and gun shows. I found a really good 4 piece military sleeping bag at a gun show for 75 bucks. Those usually retail for well more than a hundred. I picked up a lot of 5 Israeli gas masks that came out to about 19 bucks per mask on Ebay, all in excellent condition. Those retail for close to 100 bucks each at a lot of places. Boy did I save a bundle! I also have gotten an unbelievable amount of barely worn used combat boots dirt cheap both at gun shows and at military surplus stores.

6. Think outside the box. There are alternate ways of doing almost everything. I bought all the needed items to make a zeer (African fridge) for just over a hundred bucks. Laundry plungers aren’t that expensive and I’ve found washboards at yard sales.

7. You wouldn’t believe the amount of camo clothes I have found at second hand stores. Even military boonie hats! I shop also for sturdy jeans in earth-tone colors and get earth-tone shirts as well.

Most of my major buys have to wait until I work some overtime or get a bonus at work. I do a lot of things to save money, too, like rarely eating out. I don’t get a lot of wants and make do with what I do have. I hope this helps. If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. I’m always open to new suggestions 🙂 May God grant you all peace.