The Post-SHTF Sewing Kit

The elastic of your underwear has worn out. It’s post-collapse of society. There are no stores selling underwear. There aren’t even any factories making elastic. What do you do? Your gutchies fall to your ankles before you can even get your pants on! Well, that sounds like a rather personal problem. Can you sew? What’s in your sewing kit? Those are two questions you have to ask yourself. I know that I can sew. I may only know a few basic stitches and what I make or repair doesn’t always look pretty, but it’s all FUNCTIONAL and that’s what matters. Honestly, looking too pretty SHTF would probably get a girl in trouble anyway, if you know what I mean. So, how would I fix this problem? Since I don’t know how long elastic lasts even when its not being used, I don’t store it. I’d make a cut down the front, back, or side of the underwear, hem both sides of the cut, draw it in til it fits , and sew on snaps. Make it work like pants.

If you’re like me and can’t make a button hole to save your life, snaps are your best friend. I can replace buttons and repair button holes, but I cannot make button holes. If I need to make clothes that need to button up, I will use snaps instead. Snaps come in all kinds of different sizes, so stock up on them all. Don’t forget to have buttons handy as well because I’m sure you’ll have to replace those too. It should goes without saying that every prepper should have jars full of needles, pins, and safety pins. I probably don’t have to tell you to fill a box full of good thread. Seam rippers are nice, and keep extra scissors around. Don’t get a whole lot of extra gadgetry. Use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method. Before buying, ask yourself, Do I really need it or can I save money by getting by without it? For example, I don’t use thimbles or the little doohickeys that help you thread a needle. I’ve just gotten a lot better at not stabbing myself and I’ve gotten practiced at threading needles without aid. Saved a few cents and a lot of space.

Learn to sew by hand. In a long term grid down situation, an electric sewing machine will get you nowhere. If you can, try to find an old treadle powered sewing machine. You can still find old Singers around. Personally, I do all my sewing by hand because I’m too cheap to get myself a treadle powered number lol. Keep a small sewing kit in each of your sets of bug out gear. Save all your buttons and still working zippers from worn out clothes.

When society collapses, the more skills you have, the better. Even something as simple as being able to patch a pair of jeans or repair a shirt seam can make a big difference. May God grant you all peace.

The Theory Of Reverse Evolution

Being a creationist, I don’t buy into the theory of evolution where we evolved from apes. However, I am beginning to wonder about the theory of reverse evolution, where humans seem to be evolving into apes. When I look around at today’s society, I am appalled at the animal like behavior exhibited by the other members of my species. We have become so smart that we are dumb as bricks. Seriously, if our technology were to suddenly disappear, great numbers of our kind would die off in an extinction level event, even though we didn’t have it a hundred years ago! Then again, the Amish, Amazon natives, Bedouin herders, African tribes, and Samis  might enjoy the peace and quiet.

Also, as I keep my eye on the news, I constantly find stories of horrific acts that people do to each other. A guy eating another guy’s face off in Miami. A Muslim guy killing his own daughter because he thought that she was too ‘western’, AND they lived in America or the UK. Places in some cities so bad even the police won’t go there. Increased mass shootings. Bloodthirsty tyrants gaining more and more control in once free countries. Greedy bankers allowed to steal as much money as they want and never go to prison even if they are caught. The masses becoming more zombie like, hypnotized by the TV and brain dead from all the fluoride in the water. Society becoming so sexualized that now even our littlest children are dressing like teenage sluts. No one respects any one anymore. People don’t even seem to respect themselves.

As people think that I’m some sort of crazy neanderthal because of how I live, I just laugh. While they run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to keep up with the Joneses and their kids sit on the couch drooling and grunting in front of a violent video game, I’m going to enjoy life a little. Hmmmmm. Maybe reverse evolution is more fact than fiction. It certainly seems to be more provable than evolution. May God grant you all peace.

Hope Amidst SHTF

Collapsing economies, wars, increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity, skyrocketing crime as common sense seems to plummet, tyrannical takeover of the world called the New World Order… seems like the world really is ending. However, its not the end of the world, it just feels like it. The human race will go on no matter how crappy it gets. We won’t all die. History shows that, look at the black plague. Even Bible prophecy shows that a large proportion of humanity will survive past the all the hellish stuff that’s going to happen.

Prepping and survivalism is not all about doom and gloom. We have a lot of hope, actually. The more we prepare, the better our chances. We will also learn a lot of things the hard way. Putting away food and water are important, but we will also have to learn how to replenish our stocks during a long term crisis. Ammo will only last so long, how will we get more? How about learning to hunt with primitive weapons and snares and using the guns for the zombies? I enjoy learning new skills that will help me later on. The more we do now, the better off we will be and the better off our future generations will fare. Growing gardens, food preservation, processing wool and cotton by hand, raising livestock, hunting, trapping, carpentry, and a host of other skills will be needed.

Imagine a few years in the future, there you are teaching your sons to make and use a bow and arrow. Imagine your pride when he hits the mark dead on. Imagine the smile on your daughters’ faces when they are filled with excitement with their first harvest of vegetables. Laughing with joy, they run to you with their hands full of carrots and potatoes.

I hope that a long term disaster never happens, but the way things are going, its highly likely to happen sometime within my lifetime. No matter what, I will hold my head high and know that I did everything I could. If I’m alive when this is all over, I will be one of the first to rebuild society into a stronger, happier place. May God grant you all peace, my battery is about to die.


It happened instantly. One minute Carla was walking along a peaceful street with her two year old son and her six month old daughter, who was strapped into her stroller. Several other people were also out and about, including others driving along the little residential lane. As Carla stopped at the intersection, a van stopped next to her. Within the van was a mother with her four children all going to meet their father for lunch during his lunch break. On the other side of the street, an elderly man walked his dog. On the other side of the intersection, Carla noticed a group of young men, all gang members. She shuddered. Gangs were on the rise even in her neighborhood.

In a flash of an eye, gunfire erupted from behind her as a couple of cars full of opposing gangsters began to open fire haphazardly at the gang in front of her. The other gang returned fire immediately as they dove for cover. Carla grabbed her son and hit the dirt, as people screamed in fear. As fast as it happened, the gangsters in the cars sped off and the gunfire stopped. Carla rose up slowly, fear permeating her every cell. Looking around, she saw that the van, riddled with bullet holes, had crashed into a store across the intersection. One of the children within screamed in pure agony. Carla’s daughter howled in fear, but was unharmed. Carla checked her son. To her horror, he was laying in a pool of his own blood and was not breathing.

Fracked Up Beyond All Reason. Though this story was fictional, thousands like it play out across our country each year. Shtf can happen in an instant, or it can happen slowly, as in our economic collapse. In an all out shtf situation, you will not be walking down the sidewalk with your stroller and wagon full of supplies. If things get FUBAR, you will be diving from one cover to another with your screaming kids (if you have any) with small, high speed projectiles whizzing by your head!

I have come across so many places on the web where folks think that they’ll be just fine just because they have a bunch of guns and a boat load of ammo, along with a shed full of food and water and maybe a bunch of fancy ‘survival gadgetry’. A lot of preppers are going to die. When things are FUBAR, some places will become war zones far worse than my example story above. This is no joke. I just pray it never gets this bad.

If you can, get out of the city at the first sign of major trouble. If you can’t, fortify well beforehand. If you live in the country, be prepared for if the trouble reaches you. Get proficient with your gear and practice tactical maneuvers for escape and evasion. Learn how to disguise yourself so that you will be more likely to be left alone. Learn how to hide well, even in disgusting places. Do not think that you’ll be just fine just because you’re a prepper, you can die just as easily as anyone else. Prepare and train now, tomorrow could be too late. Remember, ‘zombies’ don’t discriminate when they are hungry.

Pray for peace, prepare for war. May God help us all.

Survival Stoves

You wouldn’t believe all the gadgetry I see nowadays for survivalism and prepping. I some ways, it almost makes me sick. SURVIVALISM IS NOT ABOUT GADGETRY. Survivalism is about how to use what you already have around you. Take survival stoves for instance. There are a boat load of different types on the market ranging from the simple to the (try not to laugh) battery operated. All of them cost more money than one you can make yourself. I don’t know, do they look cooler than self scavenged material made stoves? To me, again, just a waste of money. Here is how to make a few different kinds of survival stoves with readily available garbage.

1. The hobo stove. It really works! All you need it 1 soup can, some regular corrugated cardboard, either tuna or cat food cans, a fire, either the remains of used candles or crayons, and something metal that you can use to heat water. Instructions: make fire, then put candle remains or crayons in a cleaned out soup can. Put a little water in the metal container, then put the soup can in that. Put this over fire. This way it won’t over cook wax. Clean out the tuna cans. Cut cardboard in strips just wide enough so that they fit in the can just below the rim. Roll the cardboard strips together and pack tightly into can. Pour melted wax into can and let cool. Now you have a mobile stove that can be used several times and emits much less smoke.

2. Steel bucket stove. All you need is a steel bucket (pretty much any size), a small peice of grate, and anything around to cut a hole in the bucket. Cut a hole in the side of the bucket toward the base just big enogh to start and keep a small fire going. Place grate ontop bucket. Instant stove.

3. Place a grate over a Kerosene lamp. We used to heat wash water in the barn during the winter this way.

4. Be creative!

May God give you all peace!