New Blog!

Hi, everyone, I’ve been working on a special little project: a story blog! Basically, I’m writing a collection of posts that form a story, or a novel of sorts in blog form.  Look for Copperhead Militia, you’ll find it. Not sure if I can post the link, as this is a freebie blog and I got in trouble for that already. Hope you like, tell me how I’m doing!

Just A Metaphor

Its like a slow motion earthquake demolishing a city. A quake so slow that the damage goes unnoticed by almost everyone, but so powerful that all of civilization could be destroyed. People walk by buildings that are cracking , some even buckling, and never caring. Many are starting to feel the ground heave, but they tell themselves that it’s not that bad. The sun is still shining, the local store still stocks my favorite beer, and the lights are still on. They ignore the ones brave enough to stand on the street corners and scream at the top of their lungs the warning of impending doom.

“Look,” we tell them, “The governments of the world are using a giant HAARP to create this earthquake and you will all be destroyed if you don’t help us stop them!”

They call us crazy, even as the glass begins to shatter. Every day, the heaving gets worse and so does the denial. Then, it happens. The earthquake is no longer a slow motion disaster and unleashes its full fury. Buildings descend into clouds of dust and piles of rubble. Fires break out and ravage what is left. The survivors clamor about screaming, “How did this happen? Governments, save us!” not realizing that the governments created the disaster in the first place. We will watch the smoke arise from the ruins of the once great city, our hearts breaking, knowing that we did our best but no one listened. The food is gone, the water is contaminated, they are on their own.. and then they turn on us.

Our politicians are nothing more than puppets in a puppet show, and no one sees the strings but us. Satan is the ultimate puppet master, putting on a glitzy show for the world to watch as he works behind the scenes to enslave us all with his dream of a one world government, which he will head without anyone knowing.

The survivors of the earthquake metaphor will cheer and celebrate when the creators of the disaster step in to save them, even though they will be given a lifestyle of total tyranny, they will enjoy it because its better, in their minds, than the complete chaos they had just before. They will worship the dancing politicians who are held up only by the strings of the governments. We who see what is going on will still be crazy.

And Its Not Just The Stuff We Eat

Water, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, mineral oil, cetearyl alcohol, urea, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, avena sativa (oat) meal extract, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, ceteth-10 phosphate, dicetyl phosphate, carbomer, cyclohexasiloxane, cetearyl glucoside, disodium EDTA, ethylhexylglycerin, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, yellow 10, red 40, blue 1. These are the ingredients for the St. Ives brand Naturally Soothing oat meal and shea butter body lotion. What are all these chemicals?

Just googled dimethicone. Its a type of silicone oil. This would give a thin, rubber like coating wherever its spread, inhibiting the skin from doing what it needs to do. What will this do to your skin? Remember, your skin is also ABSORBING this silicon oil, what is it doing inside you? How about disodium EDTA, which alters your skin structure to allow deeper penetration of the other chemicals? Its not just food we have to be careful about, its everything! Skin moisturizers, medical salves, shaving creams, soap, detergents, you name it. Read your ingredients before purchasing. Make your goal this year to get rid of chemical products and either make or buy natural ones. Your body and soul will thank you.

May God grant you all peace.

You Are What You Eat, So Why Do We Eat…

Sodium nitrate, sodium citrate, carageenan, monosodium glutamate, high fructose corn syrup, ascorbic acid, aluminum in all its many forms, monoglycerides, diglycerides, mechanically separated meats, fluoride, potassium chloride, the list goes on, gag, gag, gag… but so many could care less about all of the chemicals that we are eating every day. Could this be one of the reasons we are so sick? Could this be why cancer , heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other diseases are at epidemic levels? Along with chem trails, food and water additives are literally killing us! And its all legal according to our loving government. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are now the most common form of vegetable in many varieties, such as corn. What are these frankenfoods doing to us? The bottom line is that no one in our government really cares, this crap makes somebody an extra few bucks somewhere. The medical industry is just that, an industry. When you get sick, they make money. So, if the food companies make extra money pumping our chow full of garbage (making money for the chemical companies who would otherwise have a harder time getting rid of the stuff), then the toxic food gets us sick, so we go to the doctors and hospitals where we are pumped full of chemical pills that treat symptoms instead if curing the problem and destroy something else that will need yet another pill down the road to ‘treat’. Get what I’m saying? And the real problems are not even touched. Chem trails still lace the sky, fluoride is still dumped in our drinking water, toxic substances are still mixed in our food. So, what do we do about it?

Don’t buy the crap if you can help it! If you are at all able to grow and raise your own food, do it. If you have friends that can or do, help them for a share in the bounty. Try to find a trusted source of non-GMO vegetables and meat that is not full of antibiotics, irradiation, and growth hormones. Buy this stuff in bulk proportions, if your budget allows, and can it yourself. Also, detoxify your body regularly. Find a trusted source for herbal detoxifiers, or learn to grow and make your own. If you have city water, buy a powerful water filter that will filter out the chemicals in your water. Don’t be fooled by ‘All Natural’ or ‘Organic’ being on the label. I saw a box of ‘All Natural’ pancake mix that was loaded with aluminum. Speak up and reach out. Talk about these things and educate people. Most folks are blind to the chem trails that criss cross the sky, even though they are obviously not clouds. Most folks don’t read the ingredients or even the nutrition facts. Most people think that the Nazi mind control drug fluoride is actually GOOD for you. Most people think that our government really cares about us.

The government does not give a crap about us. They want total control over our lives. They hate people who can help themselves. You are a threat if you are self sufficient. Why else would they attack herbology, raw milk, small farmers and homesteaders, ban guns, allow all these toxins to be added to our environment, destroy our economy, throw God out of everything, wreck everything this country was founded on and stood for, and annihilate the morals of our people? We have an illegitimate, i.e. BASTARD,  government. Those bastards are not going to help us. We have to help ourselves. God bless those who are willing to stand on their own two feet. God bless the preppers, God bless y’all.

Air Guns And Gun Laws

Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, I have been really busy. So now that I’m down with a bad cold and can justify taking it easy, I’m back. I’m sure by now everyone’s heard of what happened on that cruise ship. LOL LOL LOL. I’m sorry, but I kind of just don’t pity them. Instead of banding together, they turned into animals. In just two days. Reminds me why I don’t ever want to go on a cruise. Now imagine the power going out in all America. In NYC, the winds of Hurricane Sandy barely died down before the looting began!

Well, anyway, we here in the Free Soul Family found a new toy to put on our wish lists. Air rifles, no kidding. We found some air rifles in .45, .308, and .50 calibers that will put a bullet downrange some 150-200 yards, go through cement blocks, and even kill elk… fairly quietly. They’re around $700, $800 and you can buy a hand pump for them, making them a nice thing to have SHTF. Imagine finding a bunch of zombies sneaking up on your property and you and a few friends have these rifles. Its in the middle of the night. You and yours open fire. No muzzle flash, sounds no larger than a .22. Being not considered a firearm, you can have silencers on them legally. That also means your buddies who are ex-cons can have them! These air guns also come in pistol form and in a few other calibers.

I know I’m one who does not get into a lot of gadgetry, but these look pretty cool. If I’m still working this summer, and if I get that sweet summer bonus, I’m getting me one. Look up these rifles on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed. I believe they go under the name Dragon Claw.

Well, we can’t forget that the countdown to the deadline date on New York’s new Nazi gun law is still going and that our Patriot brothers and sisters in that state are forming militias as we speak. God bless every Patriot in New York State who will not bow down to tyranny. Also too, Colorado, I believe it was, has also passed some seriously bad Nazi gun laws. In fact, the company Magpull just pulled out of Colorado because of the laws. Things are ramping up, everyone, so get guns and ammo while you can. The price of even mosin nagants is skyrocketing!

Well, God bless everybody and may He grant you all peace.

My Solutions To Turn This Country Around

1. Abolish the Federal Reserve and the IRS. This Central bank is killing us and the IRS is paying for it… with our own hard earned cash.

2. Null in void every last trade treaty that was designed to suck the jobs out of this country. Get out of NATO. Even the playing field.

3. Reign in the EPA and the over zealous organizations like OSHA.

4. Once the jobs start coming back, or new ones get created, start scaling down entitlement programs and heavily investigating abuses.

5. Repeal Obamacare.

6. Completely disband the TSA molesting agency, the useless FEMA, big brother DHS, the unconstitutional BATFE, and all those other government agencies that we really don’t need.

7. Eradicate every unconstitutional law ever made.

8. Try every politician who helped to write or voted for those unconstitutional laws for treason.

9. Put our money back on the gold standard and back under the authority of Congress.

10. Get out of all those wars.

11. No more foreign aid, it doesn’t hardly reach those in need anyway. Take care of our own first.

12. Raise money through tariffs, not so much through taxes.

13. Stop handing out grants for anything that does not greatly benefit the country. I could seriously care less about what frogs do, I have my own future generations to worry about.

14. No more loose fiscal policies period. No more spending more than what you earn.

15. Strip the criminal bankers and politicians who got us into this mess of their wealth and pay down the debt.

16. Get rid of the 501C3 church controlling program.

17. Discipline the police and humanize them. This police brutality, tazer ’em til they die mentality has got to stop.

18. Lift the restrictions off of herbal medicine. Chemical medicine has proven itself close to worthless, covering symptoms instead of curing the problem. Modern medicine is nothing more than a high profit business run by people who get rich when we get sick.

19. Legalize moonshine. The only reason its illegal is because its not taxed.

20. Stop forking out money to schools and police departments. Let them learn to be more fiscally responsible and live within their means. We have a lot of double dipping principals in this area. You know what, our kids were smarter in one room school houses than they are now in multi million dollar education centers.

21. No more student loans. If they don’t have the money, they don’t go to college.

22. Get rid of the no child left behind policy. Make public schools take tuition. In Ohio, the school tax is added onto the property tax, which has been deemed unconstitutional more than once, and therefore illegal, but still goes on to this day. If the public schools take tuition, then they can pay for themselves. Those who can’t pay tuition can home school their kids. Make it so that people can home school their kids with whatever text books they can get a hold of instead of having to go through a school of any sort.

23. Ban all those toxic chemicals being added into our food everyday.

24. Ban the use of so many chemicals being put in our water.

25. Stop chemtrails.

26. Unless someone is doing something that is actually hurting someone else, leave people the heck alone!

Things About The American Culture That Irk Me

I don’t know, maybe I’m just old fashioned and the changing times just don’t set well with me. So I decided to compile a humorous list of things I find irritating.

1.If someone is stupid enough to actually attempt suicide in order to gain attention for themselves, do they really need to be in the gene pool?

2. Drop the drama. Nobody really cares about the bad soap opera you made your life into.

3.If I hear another spoiled little brat complain about having to do chores… oh, I just want to backhand those whiny, disrespectful mouths!

4. I have no sympathy for self inflicted wounds and circumstances, not even my own.

5. Go ahead and keep smoking. Stop complaining about your health and why you have no spending money, my fellow coworkers.

6. Go ahead, keep eating junk food. When you are a diabetic, obese, and suffering from heart disease by the time you’re 25, don’t complain to me.

7. Don’t whine about losing your driver’s licence to drunk or reckless driving, I don’t want you driving either.

8. If the Illuminati wants to murder 95% of the Earth’s population, they can start with themselves.

9. To anyone who supports gun control: if in the event that I see someone commit a viscous crime against you ( armed robbery, rape, assault and battery, kidnapping, attempting to murder, etc.), because I respect your beliefs, I will not unholster my side arm to save you. Instead, I will call the police and wait until they arrive to give them a report. However, the thug(s) take one step toward me and I will blast him/her.

10. Weather people based in my area calling 2 inches of snow a cause for alarm. Really?

11. I still don’t see the big deal about designer clothes. I refuse to pay that much money for a lousy shirt.

12. I am not going to pay $300 for a mutt dog, I don’t care what cute thing you call it.

13. Lose some friggin’ weight people! It’s not that hard!

14. Fat girls who wear clothes way to small for themselves and their jelly rolls spill out all over.

15. When teens act like complete idiots just because they think that it makes them cool or cute. Many years ago I walked past two teenage boys about my age. One was blowing bubbles and rocking back and forth on one of those little storefront coin operated rides for little kids saying,” Pretty bubbles. Pretty bubbles”, as soon as he saw me. I kept my mouth shut because if I can’t say anything good, I shouldn’t say a darn thing. THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, AMERICA!

Hope you enjoyed a little humor. May God grant you laughter.