Sorry Folks! And other such news.

I have to apologize for the long silence, I’ve been a busy Free Soul. A lot has been going on with a lot of good news and bad. I broke up with my boyfriend around Easter am moving on well. Taking applications for Free Soul Boyfriend position. Got rid of all horses because Free Soul Papa’s heart can’t handle the work and we weren’t using them. Of course all the prepping keeps us busy and we had to be watchful during Grid-Ex 2 just to be on the safe side. Thank God Grid-Ex 2 didn’t really do anything that I am aware of. I’ve also been working quite a bit of overtime and have been fairly tired as of late and had two wisdom teeth pulled. Two down, two to go. But I’m sitting here now with techno music pounding into my brain and typing away.

I have some new ideas I want to try this next year. The first is an indoor veggie garden. With all of the weird weather, the honey bees dying off in droves because of Asian hornets, GMO pollen, and pesticides, the threat of GMO cross contamination, and past bad experiences with certain wild and domestic animals (the goats we no longer have, the chickens who couldn’t be contained in a maximum security prison, and the fat tunneling rodent that ate a lot of our potatoes) trashing our poor little (poorly planned, not my fault, long story) garden. This indoor garden (under MY full control) will require a new skill I have not learned yet: hand pollination. I will try to keep ya’ll updated when I do this. All my victories and failures. A lot of prayer and hard work.

Note on the indoor garden: This would be great for many of our in-town brothers and sisters who can’t have a traditional garden outside (even though I think tomatoes look lovely next to crocuses and doesn’t garlic have such grand flowers?). I’ve heard a lot of stories were cities have banned veggie gardens in some areas and even destroyed them. However, if a room is nice and sunny, can it be sacrificed for an out of government sight, out of government mind veggie garden? Word of warning: use your sunniest room because growing lights attract unwanted attention from law enforcement looking for a marijuana bust.

The next is raising, slaughtering, and canning my own hog. Now I’ve raised them plenty of times. I can slaughter large animals, so that’s not a problem. I have not canned meat, so another new skill for me to learn. I also want to save what I can of the extra fat and guts and make my own canned pet food to store for the coming troubling times ahead. I have a 50 pound dog and two cats that I want to survive with me. OK, one cat can supplement her diet with frogs (yes, she likes frogs), but the other two can only hunt their food dishes. I am confident that this idea won’t be hard for me to do considering my background.

I also want to start canning butter and maybe cheese. I’ve heard that milk can also be canned, so if anyone has done it before or knows someone who does please send recipe. I’d like to get back into goats again someday, but I’m going to plan it better and make sure the buggers are better contained. In a year or two I’d like to get the Angora goats, as the produce not only milk and meat, but also fiber for weaving. More skills to learn. Challenge accepted.

And I want those cute feathery footed chickens soooooooooooo bad…

The Fine Art Of Jury Rigging

DANG IT!!!!!! Now its broke, what do I do? Sometimes you just don’t have the time and/or money to fix it right. This is not just about rigging your exhaust pipe back up with a wire hanger, I’m talking about rigging your reverse lights to a light switch bolted to the dash. That was the old S-10, we put a flat bed on it and the reverse lights were actually off-road lights wired to that light switch. Sometimes you just have to make do.

The fine art of jury rigging is easily mastered by those who could care less about the cosmetic look of the object, just happy that it works. Like when the door mirror fell out of my van, we glued in a peice of reflective plexiglass as a replacement. Did it look pretty? Absolutely not. Did it work great? Sure did!

The second step in the fine art of jury rigging is thinking outside the box. OK, the generator is toast and we have nothing to cut the wood to build the house. Wait! Yes we do! Chainsaw! Or when Free Soul Papa got fed up with the old kerosene refrigerator and jury rigged it to use propane instead. Why use a kit (don’t try this at home, I am not responsible for any injuries) when you have a few parts from an old camper stove, a regulator off a grill, a few do-dads from the hardware store, and plenty of JB Weld?

In an SHTF world, parts will be harder to come by, so you’ll be forced to either manufacture your own or find something that’s close enough and make it work. In fact, JB Weld, duct tape, super glue, electrical tape, neverseez, either PB or Kroil, and stuff like that should be part of your preps. Don’t forget to save your twisty ties! I even fix air chuck nozzles at work with twisty ties.

May God grant ya’ll peace.

The One Rifle No One Should Be Without

Drum roll , please. The .22 caliber rifle! Why such a small caliber? Because these usually cheap little rifles that use cheap ammo have so many uses that once you have one, you’d never part with it. They are great guns to get that raccoon in your chicken coop, nail that big fat squirrel, and can even be used for self defence at a closer range. A good old bolt action will still blow bullets down range even in seriously bad shape. If battling everyone’s favorite zombies, .22s can be used as cover fire saving the bigger calibers for getting the bigger job done.

Bolt action .22s are some of the most rugged rifles on the planet. They are simple rifles without a lot of parts and easy to maintain. Their biggest downfall is that they are slower to fire because the bolt has to be worked before it can shoot the next round. Even so, for a ’round the farm’ rifle, they can’t be beat.

10-22 rifles are the semi-auto version. They are another very dependable little rifle. Though a little more complicated to take apart and put together, they fire so much faster than their predecessor. Bunnies are no match for this rifle as long as you have good aim.

The Ruger 10-22 Takedown has got to be one of the coolest rifles I have seen. It is light and can be popped in half for easy stashing in the car. Like the other two, it is a dependable little rifle. However, you would need to practice taking it apart and putting it bak together to be able to get it ready fast. Its still fairly simple compared to many other different types of rifles and doesn’t have any more bells and whistles other than the ability to popped in half. If you’re a long ways from home when shtf, this little rifle will get you back to your HQ.

These little rifles will always have a place in my heart. Though small in size and caliber, the uses are endless. May God grant you all peace.