My Generation

I am ashamed of my generation. I am angry at the previous generation for making my generation just what it is through lack of discipline and over abundance of gifts. Now my generation consists of a bunch of immature, lazy, video game addicts who are woefully unprepared to face life as it is now. How will they face SHTF? What will happen to all those young ladies who thought only of the latest fashions and celebrity news when they have no food? What will happen to all those young men who spend a considerable amount of time watching violent movies and playing violent video games when they become desperate? There are fewer and fewer exceptions to this norm these days. What can be done?

I do not claim to be an expert in family dynamics, so bear with me. I’m just going to reach back into my own childhood and how I was raised. Free Soul Papa has always been the leader and probably always will. I was raised with a father who took his leadership role seriously. He worked hard to provide what he could for us and we never went hungry. Were my brother and I showered with the latest gadgetry and goodie? No. We grew up understanding that money could only go so far toys weren’t the highest priority and we learned to appreciate what we did have. Free Soul Mama was a homemaker most of the time, taking care of us kids and giving us the very thing we needed most: time. My brother and I helped our parents clear parts of our woods, raise livestock, cut wood, and build the house starting at the ages of 10 and 8, me being older. When Free Soul Papa was laid off, the whole family (kids included) built pallets and shrink wrapped little bundles of wood to stay alive. There I was, 16 and wheeling an air powered stapler, building pallets. My brother was 14. Did we get hurt? Sure, I did (the brother got lucky, he didn’t), but it didn’t stop me or hurt my mental faculties. My brother and I were raised with common sense and a good work ethic.

God help my generation. I know a kid near my age who had been thrown out of his house so many times its unreal. One time he asked his mother if he could go back, she said sure, as long as he helped around the house. He threatened to kill himself instead. I know another kid who’s 13, acts like a 7 year old trying to be a 17 year old and can’t tell me what a time zone is. I know another young lady who, at age 12, was jealous of her 15 year old sister who was dating my 18 year old brother! 12 year old girls shouldn’t even be thinking about dating, but our society is so sexualized that our preteens and early teens are now ‘dating’, and in some cases, actually having sex themselves. What went wrong?

Fathers, if you are not in your child’s life, do all you can do to be a part of your child’s life. Children absolutely need BOTH parents to have the best chance at being stable adults in the future. Discipline your kids. The kids who disrespect authority the most are often the least disciplined. Set rules and stand on them, no exceptions. If they want something, make them work for it. They have to learn that they have to earn what they get. I did not get my own cell phone until I was 17 and had my own job to pay for it. Kids are not entitled to anything but a parent’s love and provision of NEEDS. Limit TV and video game time. Throw them outside to play. You don’t need a big house and new cars to be successful. If both parents are working long hours to keep things afloat, consider downsizing so that you can spend more time with your kids. I lived dirt poor as a child, they’ll get over not having their own cell phone at age 10 and not getting a new i-pod for Christmas. Don’t baby them. They need to learn responsibility young. Kids aren’t stupid and can understand far more than most parents think. Be honest with your children, they respect that. I did and still do. That’s how they learn, its by what you do. If you lie to them about things because you are trying to ‘protect’ them, they simply learn to become liars. If they are ‘protected’ from the reality of the real world, then the real world will give them a kick in the pants.

My parents weren’t perfect. I was protected a lot, too, and had to learn a lot the hard way. No one can be the perfect parent, no one will ever have perfect children. Believe me, I was not a perfect child. I was fairly good, yes, but I did and still do drive my parents up the wall at times. Don’t let our loving government tell you how to raise your kids, they can’t even keep their own crap in order. Parents, take charge. Your kids, your responsibility. God bless the parents who don’t spoil their kids.