Avoid The Avoidable Deaths

There are a lot of preppers who will die of stupidity SHTF. A lot of avoidable accidents will happen, many will be unprepared  for reality out of shear laziness no matter how much stuff they have stockpiled. What good is a gun is going to do a guy if he’s never practiced with it? What good is a book or DVD on tactical maneuvers are going to do a girl who is too fat to do the maneuvering? What good are all those fancy gadgets going to do a so called prepper if they can’t find them in a pile of other stuff? Take a good hard look at yourself. Is prepping really your lifestyle or do you treat it as more a hobby?

I know a lot of folks who call themselves preppers and a large portion of them don’t act like they take it seriously. These are often the ones who brag about how nothing will get past them, how they’d be just fine even in a nuclear holocaust, or how they’d be some sort of commando lurking like a ghost in the woods. These types buy an expensive, fancy gun with all kinds of bells and whistles (more to go wrong or break, in my humble opinion) and a thousand rounds of ammo for it and they suddenly morph into Rambo. They have no idea what real war is like, but they are sure that they are the next Captain America. Like most preppers, I haven’t got a clue on what real war is like either, but I tend to be a realist. I am not a commando, I am not Captainette America, I am not Miss Rambo and thinking that way will get me killed. Most likely, in a fight I would be up against those better than me. I am not a hero, I’d rather stick with a group headed by a veteran who does know what war is like because THAT person has the knowledge to make the split second decisions that would save our lives. I understand fully that there is a high chance that I could be hurt or even killed, so I remain cautious in my actions and thinking. Many of these I’m-a-Rambo preppers will be the ones actually hiding in a corner screaming like a little girl and wetting themselves once bullets start really flying and they see a few buddies get killed. Then they realize that real life is not the same as their favorite action movies (I do, however, recommend seeing a WW2 flick called The Thin Red Line. One of the most realistic war movies out there).

Another one of the biggest problems I see in the prepper community is weight. How on earth is someone who has allowed him/herself to get 300 pounds or more going to be able to engage a pack of zombies if they can’t hardly get out of their recliner? Such people are a cannibal’s dream come true. On top of that, being overweight has a huge range of other health issues. Those unaccustomed to hard work and are obese and are suddenly having to bust their butts in the hard SHTF life are at a very high risk for strokes and heart attacks. Many will die from those, and they are largely avoidable. Also health issues such as diabetes, which once a person is insulin dependent, can be a death sentence. The least the overweight will have to worry about is the toll all that extra weight has on their leg joints, back, and energy. In the event their group is overrun with zombies, the obese are voted as the group most likely to be screwed. It’s just plain common sense to take care of yourself. Eat fairly healthy, and don’t eat more than your metabolism can handle. Weight issues plague both the young and the old, it does not matter. Eat right, eat less, work more. Those three rules are the only diet you will ever need. It’s just a matter of will power.

Try to stay organized. Having you stuff scattered and being unable to find it when you need it can get you killed. Never walk around on night patrol with a flashlight to see your way around, because you are then a target (watch the TV series Falling Skies. They did that so much I wanted to cry). Pride is just as much your enemy as the cannibals and zombies. Control the fear you feel. If you allow fear to control you, you will lower your chances of surviving. Quit smoking. The health benefits are obvious, you will have more money to prep with, and it’s better to go through withdrawals now than later. The same with drinking too much or any type of drug abuse. You will need a clear mind, not an addled one.

Hope this helps. Free Soul in FEMA region 5 signing out.

If Life Imitates Art, We’re Screwed

About two or three years ago, I was invited out to see a movie with some Christian friends of mine. The movie was Eat Pray Love. I’m not big into that genre of movie, but I was disgusted with this one. The film centers on a woman who, in her search to find herself, divorces a loyal and loving husband, had her ‘seeking God’ in Eastern religion (I am a devout Christian, so yes, I was offended by this), and having sex with two other men she wasn’t married to. Sure, she helped a single mom in Bali, but the heart of her husband doesn’t matter? While my friends enjoyed the movie, I tried to understand why the sins of adultry and idolotry were so entertaining.

Entertainment today glorifies every vice that Satan has imagined. In Eat Pray Love, for example, makes divorcing the man who loves you and breaking his heart ok. The Universalist teaching of ‘all roads lead to God’ permeated the script. And, of course, its just fine and dandy to commit fornication with whomever you will. With movies like this, its no wonder we pretty much lead the world in broken families and teen pregnancy. Besides, the Bible doesn’t matter any more, so who cares?

I don’t know who said this, but whoever said it said it well: life imitates art. The art in this country, namely video games, movies, and music, glorifies massive violence, sexual perversion, theft, murder, divorce, lies, bratty kids, hapless dads, racial tensions, extreme feminism, degradation of women, corruption, greed, destruction of Christianity, smoking, drinking, using drugs, and the breakdown of the family system. Look around you, what do you see? In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the winds had barely wound down and the water hadn’t receeded when the looting started in NYC. Then these scumbags showed off their illegal gains on the internet. Naked people are running around chewing on people. Hundreds of unborn babies are murdered each day. Remember how fast society in New Orleans broke down after Katrina?

Fruedism, Darwinism, Atheism, Hegelism and many other similar lines of thought have permeated our society. These lines of thought make us think that we are nothing but animals, therefore there is no moral law except the one you make. Without a real purpose in life, people stop caring. Expanding on this is Socialism, the direction that we are headed right now. Remember Auschwitz, the gulags, and Moaist style societal reforms. If humans are nothing but animals, then we can be treated as animals. God help us.