If Life Imitates Art, We’re Screwed

About two or three years ago, I was invited out to see a movie with some Christian friends of mine. The movie was Eat Pray Love. I’m not big into that genre of movie, but I was disgusted with this one. The film centers on a woman who, in her search to find herself, divorces a loyal and loving husband, had her ‘seeking God’ in Eastern religion (I am a devout Christian, so yes, I was offended by this), and having sex with two other men she wasn’t married to. Sure, she helped a single mom in Bali, but the heart of her husband doesn’t matter? While my friends enjoyed the movie, I tried to understand why the sins of adultry and idolotry were so entertaining.

Entertainment today glorifies every vice that Satan has imagined. In Eat Pray Love, for example, makes divorcing the man who loves you and breaking his heart ok. The Universalist teaching of ‘all roads lead to God’ permeated the script. And, of course, its just fine and dandy to commit fornication with whomever you will. With movies like this, its no wonder we pretty much lead the world in broken families and teen pregnancy. Besides, the Bible doesn’t matter any more, so who cares?

I don’t know who said this, but whoever said it said it well: life imitates art. The art in this country, namely video games, movies, and music, glorifies massive violence, sexual perversion, theft, murder, divorce, lies, bratty kids, hapless dads, racial tensions, extreme feminism, degradation of women, corruption, greed, destruction of Christianity, smoking, drinking, using drugs, and the breakdown of the family system. Look around you, what do you see? In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the winds had barely wound down and the water hadn’t receeded when the looting started in NYC. Then these scumbags showed off their illegal gains on the internet. Naked people are running around chewing on people. Hundreds of unborn babies are murdered each day. Remember how fast society in New Orleans broke down after Katrina?

Fruedism, Darwinism, Atheism, Hegelism and many other similar lines of thought have permeated our society. These lines of thought make us think that we are nothing but animals, therefore there is no moral law except the one you make. Without a real purpose in life, people stop caring. Expanding on this is Socialism, the direction that we are headed right now. Remember Auschwitz, the gulags, and Moaist style societal reforms. If humans are nothing but animals, then we can be treated as animals. God help us.