The Commode Post

Unfortunately, a good proportion of folks out there are not able to do this because of regulations or lack of space, but for those who can, this is a great way to take care of a crappy situation. Composting toilets are a very simple solution for not just shtf, but also even today it can be used as a cheap and green alternative to flush toilets. You don’t have to buy a fancy set up to have a functional one. Ours consists of a 5 gallon bucket (we ‘d get them for free from fast food joints), a toilet seat, and Free Soul Papa built a hinged box himself. It works great. Just park yourself on the command post, fire at will, then cover your trail with sawdust. It does not stink if you bury it well enough. When its full, carry it out to your compost pile, empty, and rinse. Badda bing, badda boom. A compost toilet system can be set up in five minutes and you really don’t need a box for it. I used just a bucket and a cheap seat for a while myself. If you have to move it, you don’t have to re-plumb the bathroom and it fits about anywhere. Of course, in pre-SHTF times, regulations are a problem, so please check to make sure you can do this. Being harassed isn’t fun, and the gov’t doesn’t like to lose.

May God grant you all peace.