On The Brink

It seems as though we’re living in a powder keg that some idiot is about to try to extinguish his cigarette in. OK,  so in reality there is more than one idiot, but that’s beside the point. I won’t name anyone, like Obama. We are literally on the brink of the most destructive war in the known history of mankind, a war described in the Bible that will kill ONE THIRD OF MANKIND. The war out of which the one titled as the Antichrist will emerge from to bring ‘peace’ and the majority of the masses will follow him blindly. The tyrannical takeover of our once great nation is only a small part of the scheme of things.

It pains me to watch so many people ignoring all the blatant warning signs and going on with their daily lives as if somehow, some way everything will be just fine. That nothing will change. That if something catastrophic did actually somehow happen, FEMA and the government would take good care of them. OH MY GOLLY SYRIA IS (allegedly) USING CHEMICAL WEAPONS WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! That’s what our government is starting to say. Of course, our Commie-in-Chief will probably wait for an incident, like a false flag, to happen so that he can gain the public sentiment to invade Syria. What’s next after Syria? Iran? How many more innocent civilians are going to die for the sake of trying to save a dying dollar? How many more of our troops will be sacrificed for the war for oil… I mean, terror? And now there are articles flying around that Chinese troops have crossed the border with India. What’s next?

What’s next is not pretty. The Chinese hate us and want to take us out. The Russians hate us and want to take us out too. N Korea hates us and is like a Shi-Tzu that wants to join a fight being started by Pitbulls. Most of the middle east thinks that we are the Great Satan. They all want to share the love. Give us a bear hug. We must understand this and be ready. It is still my personal opinion that Russia and China will at least try to invade us. How successful they are remains to be seen, but I do believe they will at least try. Russia has been feigning weakness for decades and China is flexing their military muscle with increasing frequency, and what about America? America is talking about reducing our nuke arsenal and cutting the defense budget. All the while starting more wars. And ticking off major nuclear powers. And the American patriots. And God. And Muslims. OK, so God isn’t phased in the least with our weapons, but He does use other countries to punish the ones in judgement, read the Old Testament.

We need to be ready. Prepping is not a hobby. Survivalism is not a fad. Patriotism is not a trend. It is a way of life. Live it.

My Thoughts On North Korea

There’s been a lot of talk lately on both sides about the goings on with North Korea. N Korea threatening the US with nukes and China saying they want nothing to do with this, which could be bull. The US had a chopper crash near the border of N Korea but giving our own track record we may have shot it down ourselves to get closer to war. All over Asia, nations are bracing for impact. So, what on earth is going on?

Here is how I personally see it. China is backing N Korea, else N Korea wouldn’t be up to this crap. China’s economy is about to crash and they need a good war to push it back up. What N Korea does not understand is that China sees them as expendable. S Korea, however, may be a richer country, but militarily they can’t take care of themselves even against N Korea alone. They’d be crushed like a bug against China. So, S Korea leans on us for protection. We already have so much debt that I don’t know how much more war debt we can take. We are already fighting a few other small wars. China has far more troops than we do.

Here’s another thing I’m seeing in all this. China needs land. BIG TIME. Its no secret that they want Taiwan and N Korea isn’t the only trouble they are stirring up in that area. They are also threatening Japan over the Senkaku(?) islands among other spats they are creating in the region with our allies. The spats that they are creating are all close to their home, but across the ocean for us. If they were to, say, start a few more small wars in SE Asia and draw us in, we’d be in a bad position. Short supply lines for China, long supply lines for us. We’d be fighting on their terms, not ours. China would be most likely to gain the best defensible areas first, forcing us to fight uphill. Their more numerous army would take a much longer time to be spread thin. On top of all that, we will still have our wars in the middle east, and maybe even be going after Iran by then. The more wars we fight, the more front lines we must defend. The more front lines we must defend, the more our power is taken away from the US mainland. The more of our power that is put elsewhere, the more vulnerable the mainland is. See what I’m getting at?

OK, I know that China has been disowning N Korea in the UN. Could be the oldest trick in the book. Watch the left hand, watch the left hand, watch the left hand, and get slapped by the right hand.

Russia and China are good friends, both are our enemies. After what our IMF did to Russia in Cyprus, they will take revenge… on their time. The Russians are masters of the waiting game. They have been feigning weakness since the collapse of the Soviet Union. They know the game and they know that very soon we will be weak enough for an attack. Remember, they put a nuke sub in the Gulf of Mexico and we didn’t know about it until a week after it left. We are also messing with their allies in the middle east.

I don’t think Russia could win a war with us by itself. I don’t think China could win a war with us by itself. But what if they ganged up on us? What if the Russians put another nuke sub in the Gulf of Mexico and gave us an EMP? Think about it. This country has been seriously ticking Russia and China off for decades. They want blood. That, and I’m sure all those Chinese soldiers who can’t marry because of the shortage of women in their own country would just love to get them some American pussy.

N Korea? In the first Korean War, we axed those N Korean soldiers almost right off the bat and were fighting the Chinese for the rest of the war. Their half starved troops are no match for our boys, even if they have one of the largest armies in the world. I think that its not so much N Korea you have to watch, but China.

Both eyes open, folks.

New Blog!

Hi, everyone, I’ve been working on a special little project: a story blog! Basically, I’m writing a collection of posts that form a story, or a novel of sorts in blog form.  Look for Copperhead Militia, you’ll find it. Not sure if I can post the link, as this is a freebie blog and I got in trouble for that already. Hope you like, tell me how I’m doing!

You Call Me A Terrorist?

Mr. Obama, you call me a terrorist. You don’t even know me or who I am, yet you assume that I am a terrorist because I will not accept your ideology, even though I have never gotten more than a traffic ticket or two in my life. I have never committed any kind of  ‘act of terrorism’, yet I am being threatened by your NDAA. Before you make any more assumptions about my character without knowing anything about me, let me tell you just who I am and ask you the question in the process.

You can trace my ancestry back to the Mayflower through my late paternal grandmother, but because I am willing to stand up for my rights and my religion you call me an unamerican terrorist?

I come from a family that highly respects the military. I have two step-grandfathers, 2 great-uncles and 2 uncles who served in World War Two. I have another grandfather who served in Korea. I have another uncle who served in Vietnam. Yet because I don’t support your illegal and immoral wars you call me an unpatriotic terrorist?

When I was a young child, my favorite baby sitter was a black lady. I have a full blood Japanese great-aunt. I have sung at a predominantly black church and I love those great people. I am also part of the Messianic (Jewish Roots) Christian movement. Yet because I love guns and oppose the gross abuses of entitlement programs and how they were designed to enslave the minorities, and eventually ALL of us, you call me a racist terrorist?

History has shown us time and time again that things like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, hurricanes, blizzards, economic crashes, foreign invasions, tyrannical takeovers, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, mudslides, comet impacts, and nuclear meltdowns can, do, and will happen, but because I choose to prepare for those things (and thereby diminishing my dependance on the government) you call me a crazy terrorist?

I am a devout Christian, and I believe in the same God that nearly all of the signers of the constitution believed in, but because I am not willing to compromise my beliefs to become the wishy washy feel-good pew warmer that you want me to be you call me a religiously fanatical terrorist?

I live within my means, have very little debt, don’t bother to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, pay for darn near everything in cash, think practically and hold conservative values (pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro-capitalist, pro-gun, etc.), am an individualist, a nationalist, and all those characteristics that made this country great in the first place, but because I will not bow down and accept your thoughts and beliefs as my own you call me a right wing extremism terrorist?

You call me a terrorist while you yourself allow 2000 unborn children die every day, innocent civilians get blown up in the countries you and previous president Bush invaded, turn our schools and colleges into Marxist thought centers, and rule by fear? Mr. Obama, YOU ARE A BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for my rant, ya’ll, but this president is out of control. May God grant you all peace.

If Life Imitates Art, We’re Screwed

About two or three years ago, I was invited out to see a movie with some Christian friends of mine. The movie was Eat Pray Love. I’m not big into that genre of movie, but I was disgusted with this one. The film centers on a woman who, in her search to find herself, divorces a loyal and loving husband, had her ‘seeking God’ in Eastern religion (I am a devout Christian, so yes, I was offended by this), and having sex with two other men she wasn’t married to. Sure, she helped a single mom in Bali, but the heart of her husband doesn’t matter? While my friends enjoyed the movie, I tried to understand why the sins of adultry and idolotry were so entertaining.

Entertainment today glorifies every vice that Satan has imagined. In Eat Pray Love, for example, makes divorcing the man who loves you and breaking his heart ok. The Universalist teaching of ‘all roads lead to God’ permeated the script. And, of course, its just fine and dandy to commit fornication with whomever you will. With movies like this, its no wonder we pretty much lead the world in broken families and teen pregnancy. Besides, the Bible doesn’t matter any more, so who cares?

I don’t know who said this, but whoever said it said it well: life imitates art. The art in this country, namely video games, movies, and music, glorifies massive violence, sexual perversion, theft, murder, divorce, lies, bratty kids, hapless dads, racial tensions, extreme feminism, degradation of women, corruption, greed, destruction of Christianity, smoking, drinking, using drugs, and the breakdown of the family system. Look around you, what do you see? In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the winds had barely wound down and the water hadn’t receeded when the looting started in NYC. Then these scumbags showed off their illegal gains on the internet. Naked people are running around chewing on people. Hundreds of unborn babies are murdered each day. Remember how fast society in New Orleans broke down after Katrina?

Fruedism, Darwinism, Atheism, Hegelism and many other similar lines of thought have permeated our society. These lines of thought make us think that we are nothing but animals, therefore there is no moral law except the one you make. Without a real purpose in life, people stop caring. Expanding on this is Socialism, the direction that we are headed right now. Remember Auschwitz, the gulags, and Moaist style societal reforms. If humans are nothing but animals, then we can be treated as animals. God help us.