Whats With All The Superbugs?

More and more I am seeing reports, not only in alternative news sites, but also in the main stream sources, of more and more superbugs, or antibiotic resistant infections. Is this a warning or a scare tactic, I wonder? Even the alternative news sites tend to be on the sensationalist side and when a handful of people get sick with something nasty and die they, just like the main stream media, treat it like its the gnarliest pandemic ever to face mankind. Guess what, it always fizzles out. I’m still waiting for SARS and the bird flu to kill off mankind, along with this new swine flu they’ve been touting. Seriously, whats next? The frog pox?

According to what I’ve been hearing, most of the cases of drug resistant infections start in the HOSPITAL. I’m no expert in such matters, but I have a pretty good idea as to why. First of all, you have a lot of sick people creating a lot of bad bacteria in one small area. Second, you have the overuse of chemical antibiotics. In hospitals, where the really nasty bacteria breeds rapidly, it comes into constant contact with chemical antibiotics. If given a poison in low, nonfatal doses over a period of time, the human body often gains an immunity to the poison. This is why drug addicts and alcoholics have to use more and more and more to get the same high. The same thing happens with bacteria. After a while, it becomes immune to the antibiotic after being exposed to it for so long.

Doctors tend to hand out antibiotics like candy for every little thing. Our livestock are fed tons of antibiotics which go into our meat supply. Antibacterial soap, cleaners, and hand sanitizers are in nearly every home to try to make our environments as sterile as possible. So not only are superbugs gaining immunity to antibiotics, we are losing our immunity to the superbugs and even the regular bacteria. If we have too sterile an environment, we have very limited exposure to bacteria and therefore gain very little immunity.

Am I worried that the human race will be destroyed by drug resistant bacteria? No. I have garlic and raw honey, I will be fine. Could we see major problems in the future with this? Maybe. Most infections are preventable. Keep your immune system up, eat healthy, and keep any wounds clean. Right now, I’m far more concerned about Russia and China saying, “America, go to hell,” and teaming up to nuke our fannies.

God grant you all peace.