God Help Us

Economic collapse. World war three. Tyrannical takeover. Extreme weather. Social decay. All of it barreling down on us at one time. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. The DHS (Dept. of Homeland inSecurity) didn’t buy hollow points for target practice, friends, and I figure that they’ll come for the guns before the economy implodes because if they don’t, a whole lot more armed people will become angry when they realize they’ve been robbed blind by TPTB (The Powers That Be). On top of all that, they’ll more than less likely need the use of foreign troops to keep peace. Then there’s Russia and China, nuclear allies who are increasingly enraged by us. They hate our guts and have wet dreams at night about taking us over. Russia and China are not our friends, people, they are just biding their time for an opportunity to strike. They play to win, even if it means waiting a long time.

My fellow Americans, this country needs you now. Prepare for war because its coming. I pray to God we don’t have to fight, but if they come to take away our means of defending ourselves, we will have no choice. Get ammo while you can, lose those extra pounds, and train yourself. This is not a game. The Constitution needs defended at all costs, not only for our sakes, but also for our children’s and all future generations after. This is not about politics, guns, or religion, its about our freedom. A lot of men died to get this freedom for us, let’s honor them by defending it from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. God help us.

My Winter Bug-Out-Bag.

Please forgive me for not posting for a while, I was spending Christmas with my possible future in-laws and was trying to make a good impression. That and my computer is still slowly giving up the ghost one byte at a time and freezes constantly.

Now to get ME on topic. I decided to leave Free Soul Boyfriend’s place last night and try to drive home and beat the coming blizzard. I ended up having to park at a crossroads off the freeway and taking a one hour cat nap, then I was able drive home OK. Was I scared? Not in the least. Lock the doors and keep the pistol handy. The next day, today, I decided to really take a look at my vehicle go-bag and go through it. Free Soul Boyfriend lives about 2 hours from me and my folks, so if I get stranded out there I’ve got quite a walk, especially in winter. So I hauled inside my vehicle go-bag and emptied it out on Free Soul Mama’s reclining chair. It’s OK, she’s at work.

First, I took out the three MREs and gave them back to Free Soul Papa. We can’t afford the good ones and I can’t stomach the ones we have. I replaced them with two canned soups, one canned fruit, and one can of rice and beans. A little more weight, sure, but they taste far better and I can reuse the cans for various purposes. I also added a pouch full of mint and chamomile teas and granola bars. Peppermint and spearmint tea are good for the digestive tract and chamomile tea is good for calming yourself down and the chamomile tea bags can be wetted and used as a poultice for skin irritations. Peanut butter granola bars are great for energy. I also added raw, unprocessed honey which has anti-biotic properties and great nutritional benefits. I  found that I had forgotten to add a wool sweater.

I also rethought the way I packed it. Yes, I had the stuff on the top that was supposed to be on the bottom and vise versa. Oops. Extra boots on the bottom, warm clothes on the top. Good girl.

Also in my go-bag are a mini sewing kit, extra camo clothing, extra socks and gutchies, mini hygiene kit, mini first aid kit, extra boots, about 3 days of food, two water bottles with ceramic Berkey style filters, a hatchet, black duct tape, lighters, nail clippers, pens and paper, a camo bandana, face paint, and chocolate. That’s all I’m willing to tell you at least. If I’m out and things go down, all I need to do is reach the rural area right outside the city and I can turn into a near invisible prepper just heading home.

What I need to get is some snow camo. Should have put it on my Christmas wish-list. Snow camo will have to take a new high priority on my list. I also need to find a small earth-tone color tarp. I also lost my mini flashlight that I always keep on my person and have to get more. It was a streamlight and that breaks my heart.

If anyone has anything else to add, feel free to post comments containing useful info as I’m always all ears to new info. May God grant you all peace and lots of ammo.

Hope Amidst SHTF

Collapsing economies, wars, increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity, skyrocketing crime as common sense seems to plummet, tyrannical takeover of the world called the New World Order… seems like the world really is ending. However, its not the end of the world, it just feels like it. The human race will go on no matter how crappy it gets. We won’t all die. History shows that, look at the black plague. Even Bible prophecy shows that a large proportion of humanity will survive past the all the hellish stuff that’s going to happen.

Prepping and survivalism is not all about doom and gloom. We have a lot of hope, actually. The more we prepare, the better our chances. We will also learn a lot of things the hard way. Putting away food and water are important, but we will also have to learn how to replenish our stocks during a long term crisis. Ammo will only last so long, how will we get more? How about learning to hunt with primitive weapons and snares and using the guns for the zombies? I enjoy learning new skills that will help me later on. The more we do now, the better off we will be and the better off our future generations will fare. Growing gardens, food preservation, processing wool and cotton by hand, raising livestock, hunting, trapping, carpentry, and a host of other skills will be needed.

Imagine a few years in the future, there you are teaching your sons to make and use a bow and arrow. Imagine your pride when he hits the mark dead on. Imagine the smile on your daughters’ faces when they are filled with excitement with their first harvest of vegetables. Laughing with joy, they run to you with their hands full of carrots and potatoes.

I hope that a long term disaster never happens, but the way things are going, its highly likely to happen sometime within my lifetime. No matter what, I will hold my head high and know that I did everything I could. If I’m alive when this is all over, I will be one of the first to rebuild society into a stronger, happier place. May God grant you all peace, my battery is about to die.


It happened instantly. One minute Carla was walking along a peaceful street with her two year old son and her six month old daughter, who was strapped into her stroller. Several other people were also out and about, including others driving along the little residential lane. As Carla stopped at the intersection, a van stopped next to her. Within the van was a mother with her four children all going to meet their father for lunch during his lunch break. On the other side of the street, an elderly man walked his dog. On the other side of the intersection, Carla noticed a group of young men, all gang members. She shuddered. Gangs were on the rise even in her neighborhood.

In a flash of an eye, gunfire erupted from behind her as a couple of cars full of opposing gangsters began to open fire haphazardly at the gang in front of her. The other gang returned fire immediately as they dove for cover. Carla grabbed her son and hit the dirt, as people screamed in fear. As fast as it happened, the gangsters in the cars sped off and the gunfire stopped. Carla rose up slowly, fear permeating her every cell. Looking around, she saw that the van, riddled with bullet holes, had crashed into a store across the intersection. One of the children within screamed in pure agony. Carla’s daughter howled in fear, but was unharmed. Carla checked her son. To her horror, he was laying in a pool of his own blood and was not breathing.

Fracked Up Beyond All Reason. Though this story was fictional, thousands like it play out across our country each year. Shtf can happen in an instant, or it can happen slowly, as in our economic collapse. In an all out shtf situation, you will not be walking down the sidewalk with your stroller and wagon full of supplies. If things get FUBAR, you will be diving from one cover to another with your screaming kids (if you have any) with small, high speed projectiles whizzing by your head!

I have come across so many places on the web where folks think that they’ll be just fine just because they have a bunch of guns and a boat load of ammo, along with a shed full of food and water and maybe a bunch of fancy ‘survival gadgetry’. A lot of preppers are going to die. When things are FUBAR, some places will become war zones far worse than my example story above. This is no joke. I just pray it never gets this bad.

If you can, get out of the city at the first sign of major trouble. If you can’t, fortify well beforehand. If you live in the country, be prepared for if the trouble reaches you. Get proficient with your gear and practice tactical maneuvers for escape and evasion. Learn how to disguise yourself so that you will be more likely to be left alone. Learn how to hide well, even in disgusting places. Do not think that you’ll be just fine just because you’re a prepper, you can die just as easily as anyone else. Prepare and train now, tomorrow could be too late. Remember, ‘zombies’ don’t discriminate when they are hungry.

Pray for peace, prepare for war. May God help us all.

Where is God SHTF?

When things get FUBAR (Fracked Up Beyond All Recognision), there are going to be a lot of folks who are going to blame Somebody really important Who is completely innocent of all the crap going on. Why is it when mankind screws up royally, God gets the blame? The schumer about to hit the fan is not God’s fault! People will whine and complain, “Why did God do this to us”, or, “Why did God let this happen?” Well, here’s why.

Freewill. When God created man, He did not want mindless robots, so we were all given our own personalities and the capability to make our own choices in life. Most of us want nothing more than to live out our lives in peace. However, there are many who choose to bring destruction. Was it God’s fault that T.J. Lane killed a bunch of students in the high school in Chardon, OH? Was it God’s fault that a Meth lab blew up in an Ashtabula, OH nursing home, killing the resident? Was Hurricane Sandy God’s fault? No. Did He let them happen? Yes. When it comes to people doing evil, God lets them choose wether or not to do it. He hates to see his creation doing evil things, but He lets it go… for now. Why? Freewill. God did not create us to be His mindless robots, He created us to enjoy fellowship with Him forever. Sadly, many choose to disobey God and hurt others or themselves. Those will, if they do not change their minds and live in God’s grace, pay with their souls. You guessed it, an eternal vacation in hell: always warm, though rather dark, severed from God forever with the bonus of being eaten by worms!

Many start paying their dues while still on earth. After a couple of years being hooked on Meth, a person looks aged by like twenty years and has blotches all over the skin. Sexual perversion leads to unwanted pregnancy and STDs for many. Alcohol abuse destroys the liver among other things. I knew a man suffering from a lung disease who would say, “The devil did this to me!”, but he still continued to smoke! We are responsible for the choices we make, not God.

As for natural disasters, we have to remember what happened in the Garden of Eden. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit, they brought the curse of sin (destruction, death, decay, disaster) upon us all and upon all things not in heaven. God often allows these natural disasters to happen to punish people or nations in great sin or to test people, but He does not create them. America is a nation full of pride and arrogance, full of the blood of her murdered unborn children and mockingly flaunting all her perversions like precious treasure. Greed is her desire.

The economic collapse is not God’s fault, the blame lies in the hands of greedy bankers. The swing into socialism isn’t God’s fault, WE ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. For generations we have been alseep as Satan’s minions slowly destroyed our country. We stand before a fork in the road. The road on the left is wide and most people choose it’s winding, crooked path. The road on the right is narrow and traveled by a few. Oue corrupt leaders have made their choice. We must make ours. I choose the right road. I choose freedom and liberty.

May God grant you all peace.

Imagining Yourself In A Survival Scenario

This is actually one of my favorite pasttimes. It helps me to think about every step I would have to take to either bug out, escape a city, or go rescue a friend in multiple different scenarios. I hope that this article will help out the beginning preppers still trying to figure their plans or for anyone who hadn’t thought about this before. For this purpose, I will use a more typical American lifestyle.

Imagine yourself just getting up on a cold winter morning. The first thing you realise is that the house seems much colder now than it did when you went to bed. You check your bedside clock, only to find that it stopped completely. The power is out. You check your cell phone for the time. It’s dead. Now something seems strange. It was on charge all night, right? How long has the power been out? To keep from freezing to death, you go out and try to start your generator. It doesn’t even try. Now you are suspicious. Could it be? Immediatly you head to the car and try to start it. Nothing. You are the victem of either a nuclear EMP (ElectroMagnetic Pulse) or a super strong CME (Coronal Mass Ejection, produced by the sun) has hit you directly. Now you have to think.  Do I stay or do I go elsewhere? If you decide to stay, what will you do for heat, light, security, human waste disposal, water, food, and still be able to bug out if you have to? If you decide to go elsewhere, then you have to figure out how to do all that on the move.

Now I enter myself. I’m at work when the lights go out. I check my cell. Dead. Maybe one of my flashlights will work, maybe not. Chances are good for those. I calmly clean my area like everyone else, then go out to start my car. My foreman has been trying to call the owner, but all phones are out and his cell is dead too. Soon I find that ALL cells are dead. I know right away what I’m up against. My car doesn’t start, just as I figured. Not a single car in the lot starts. I figure its a nuclear EMP, I always act like its the worse situation. I live 20 miles from home and work in a rough town. Luckily, my place of employment is right on the edge of town.

I know that I have to act fast before things get nuts. I open my trunk and get out my in-car get-go bag and some other personal artifacts. I can make it home in probably 12 hrs and not a lot of breaks if I don’t have to detour cross country if I take my preferred route. Secondary route means following the river out, only to be used in extreme situations. I could also follow the freeway, but that is not likely unless an earthquake made the other two impassible. I already dress primarily in green, black and brown, so I’ll blend into the woods real fast.

I calmly grab my gear, warn a few others, get called crazy, and go home. I also warn people not to follow me. Once home, I ask if mom made it home yet herself. If she hasn’t, I go help look for her. We are already pretty well set up at home to handle this type of situation, though we are always doing more.

May God grant you all peace.

SHTF Mental Preparedness, How Do I Accomplish This? Please Help Me

I personally have never been through an honest to goodness shtf situation. Sure, I’ve been in some hard spots in life and there were times we really had to scrape to get by, but I’ve never been through anything that could justifiably be called an shtf situation. So how do I prepare for when shtf if I don’t know what it looks like firsthand? I’ve never gone hungry, always had a roof over my head, clean water, and halfway decent clothing. My parents were never divorced, so I had a fairly stable home life. I’ve never served in the military, so war is foreign to me. So how do I prepare mentally for something in which I have no idea what to expect? In all honesty, I have no idea just how I will react YOYO (you’re on your own) time!

So I try to do the best I can. I watch disaster and postapocalyptic movies to try to get a visual on what the situation would look like. I also read similar books. I also utilize the internet (like Youtube) to research disasters and how they work. Then, I try to place myself in the disaster and work my way out over and over and over again. This is the only way that I have so far found to prepare mentally. If anyone has some good suggestions, please comment.

May God grant us all peace.