Word Fun

Entitlement nation, instant satisfaction, we’ve become a bratty generation.

Gratification with no moderation, blind to the truth with no realization

Of government sedition of our rights and constitution. Water, air, and food pumped with contamination.

With a little suspicion, my premonition if we don’t act now liberty will face extinction.

Public education, heavy medication. Don’t forget to take your vaccination.

Criminalization of all good institution, hope you can swallow the severe taxation.

My intuition says globalization is socialist propaganda for terrorization.

No time for contemplation, we must set to correction to end government privatization.

Civilization needs a solution before we fall into complete insurrection.

Will we face the creation of a new revolution against the hideous violence and and overbearing corruption?

This is my petition: no more justification. We must rise as one to end our country’s degradation.

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