The Post-SHTF Sewing Kit

The elastic of your underwear has worn out. It’s post-collapse of society. There are no stores selling underwear. There aren’t even any factories making elastic. What do you do? Your gutchies fall to your ankles before you can even get your pants on! Well, that sounds like a rather personal problem. Can you sew? What’s in your sewing kit? Those are two questions you have to ask yourself. I know that I can sew. I may only know a few basic stitches and what I make or repair doesn’t always look pretty, but it’s all FUNCTIONAL and that’s what matters. Honestly, looking too pretty SHTF would probably get a girl in trouble anyway, if you know what I mean. So, how would I fix this problem? Since I don’t know how long elastic lasts even when its not being used, I don’t store it. I’d make a cut down the front, back, or side of the underwear, hem both sides of the cut, draw it in til it fits , and sew on snaps. Make it work like pants.

If you’re like me and can’t make a button hole to save your life, snaps are your best friend. I can replace buttons and repair button holes, but I cannot make button holes. If I need to make clothes that need to button up, I will use snaps instead. Snaps come in all kinds of different sizes, so stock up on them all. Don’t forget to have buttons handy as well because I’m sure you’ll have to replace those too. It should goes without saying that every prepper should have jars full of needles, pins, and safety pins. I probably don’t have to tell you to fill a box full of good thread. Seam rippers are nice, and keep extra scissors around. Don’t get a whole lot of extra gadgetry. Use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method. Before buying, ask yourself, Do I really need it or can I save money by getting by without it? For example, I don’t use thimbles or the little doohickeys that help you thread a needle. I’ve just gotten a lot better at not stabbing myself and I’ve gotten practiced at threading needles without aid. Saved a few cents and a lot of space.

Learn to sew by hand. In a long term grid down situation, an electric sewing machine will get you nowhere. If you can, try to find an old treadle powered sewing machine. You can still find old Singers around. Personally, I do all my sewing by hand because I’m too cheap to get myself a treadle powered number lol. Keep a small sewing kit in each of your sets of bug out gear. Save all your buttons and still working zippers from worn out clothes.

When society collapses, the more skills you have, the better. Even something as simple as being able to patch a pair of jeans or repair a shirt seam can make a big difference. May God grant you all peace.


2 thoughts on “The Post-SHTF Sewing Kit

  1. kenneth says:

    that’s true sweetheart sewing by hand is very important like me I saw all my stuff by hand 2

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