Just A Metaphor

Its like a slow motion earthquake demolishing a city. A quake so slow that the damage goes unnoticed by almost everyone, but so powerful that all of civilization could be destroyed. People walk by buildings that are cracking , some even buckling, and never caring. Many are starting to feel the ground heave, but they tell themselves that it’s not that bad. The sun is still shining, the local store still stocks my favorite beer, and the lights are still on. They ignore the ones brave enough to stand on the street corners and scream at the top of their lungs the warning of impending doom.

“Look,” we tell them, “The governments of the world are using a giant HAARP to create this earthquake and you will all be destroyed if you don’t help us stop them!”

They call us crazy, even as the glass begins to shatter. Every day, the heaving gets worse and so does the denial. Then, it happens. The earthquake is no longer a slow motion disaster and unleashes its full fury. Buildings descend into clouds of dust and piles of rubble. Fires break out and ravage what is left. The survivors clamor about screaming, “How did this happen? Governments, save us!” not realizing that the governments created the disaster in the first place. We will watch the smoke arise from the ruins of the once great city, our hearts breaking, knowing that we did our best but no one listened. The food is gone, the water is contaminated, they are on their own.. and then they turn on us.

Our politicians are nothing more than puppets in a puppet show, and no one sees the strings but us. Satan is the ultimate puppet master, putting on a glitzy show for the world to watch as he works behind the scenes to enslave us all with his dream of a one world government, which he will head without anyone knowing.

The survivors of the earthquake metaphor will cheer and celebrate when the creators of the disaster step in to save them, even though they will be given a lifestyle of total tyranny, they will enjoy it because its better, in their minds, than the complete chaos they had just before. They will worship the dancing politicians who are held up only by the strings of the governments. We who see what is going on will still be crazy.


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