You Call Me A Terrorist?

Mr. Obama, you call me a terrorist. You don’t even know me or who I am, yet you assume that I am a terrorist because I will not accept your ideology, even though I have never gotten more than a traffic ticket or two in my life. I have never committed any kind of  ‘act of terrorism’, yet I am being threatened by your NDAA. Before you make any more assumptions about my character without knowing anything about me, let me tell you just who I am and ask you the question in the process.

You can trace my ancestry back to the Mayflower through my late paternal grandmother, but because I am willing to stand up for my rights and my religion you call me an unamerican terrorist?

I come from a family that highly respects the military. I have two step-grandfathers, 2 great-uncles and 2 uncles who served in World War Two. I have another grandfather who served in Korea. I have another uncle who served in Vietnam. Yet because I don’t support your illegal and immoral wars you call me an unpatriotic terrorist?

When I was a young child, my favorite baby sitter was a black lady. I have a full blood Japanese great-aunt. I have sung at a predominantly black church and I love those great people. I am also part of the Messianic (Jewish Roots) Christian movement. Yet because I love guns and oppose the gross abuses of entitlement programs and how they were designed to enslave the minorities, and eventually ALL of us, you call me a racist terrorist?

History has shown us time and time again that things like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, fires, hurricanes, blizzards, economic crashes, foreign invasions, tyrannical takeovers, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, mudslides, comet impacts, and nuclear meltdowns can, do, and will happen, but because I choose to prepare for those things (and thereby diminishing my dependance on the government) you call me a crazy terrorist?

I am a devout Christian, and I believe in the same God that nearly all of the signers of the constitution believed in, but because I am not willing to compromise my beliefs to become the wishy washy feel-good pew warmer that you want me to be you call me a religiously fanatical terrorist?

I live within my means, have very little debt, don’t bother to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, pay for darn near everything in cash, think practically and hold conservative values (pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro-capitalist, pro-gun, etc.), am an individualist, a nationalist, and all those characteristics that made this country great in the first place, but because I will not bow down and accept your thoughts and beliefs as my own you call me a right wing extremism terrorist?

You call me a terrorist while you yourself allow 2000 unborn children die every day, innocent civilians get blown up in the countries you and previous president Bush invaded, turn our schools and colleges into Marxist thought centers, and rule by fear? Mr. Obama, YOU ARE A BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for my rant, ya’ll, but this president is out of control. May God grant you all peace.


One thought on “You Call Me A Terrorist?

  1. jayjay says:

    Good one–but Mr Ostupid, you are the terrorist as the last paragraph of this rant proves.
    Peace, love, truth, and light. JayJay

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