Bettering Your Odds Doesn’t Give You A Guarantee

Keeping a positive attitude and being arrogant are two different things. A positive attitude can keep you from going postal. Being arrogant can get you killed. Reading the comments on other sites, I come across so much arrogance that I think I might choke and this mistaken belief that just because some people say, ‘I’m a survivalist’ or ‘I’m a prepper’ that they WILL survive. All survivalism and preparedness does is better our odds, not guarantee our survival. A more appropriate phrase would be, ‘I’ll do my best to survive’. Not every zombie will die, not every prepper will live. That’s just the hard facts.

I’m not saying that it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t prep. By all means prepare for the hard times coming. Just prepare in case you don’t make it as well. I will continue to prepare for everything from a bad storm to the apocalypse. My prayer is this: that I will survive, but if I don’t, that my preps be distributed to good patriots and Christians who have nothing.

May God give you all peace.


One thought on “Bettering Your Odds Doesn’t Give You A Guarantee

  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

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