Survival Stoves

You wouldn’t believe all the gadgetry I see nowadays for survivalism and prepping. I some ways, it almost makes me sick. SURVIVALISM IS NOT ABOUT GADGETRY. Survivalism is about how to use what you already have around you. Take survival stoves for instance. There are a boat load of different types on the market ranging from the simple to the (try not to laugh) battery operated. All of them cost more money than one you can make yourself. I don’t know, do they look cooler than self scavenged material made stoves? To me, again, just a waste of money. Here is how to make a few different kinds of survival stoves with readily available garbage.

1. The hobo stove. It really works! All you need it 1 soup can, some regular corrugated cardboard, either tuna or cat food cans, a fire, either the remains of used candles or crayons, and something metal that you can use to heat water. Instructions: make fire, then put candle remains or crayons in a cleaned out soup can. Put a little water in the metal container, then put the soup can in that. Put this over fire. This way it won’t over cook wax. Clean out the tuna cans. Cut cardboard in strips just wide enough so that they fit in the can just below the rim. Roll the cardboard strips together and pack tightly into can. Pour melted wax into can and let cool. Now you have a mobile stove that can be used several times and emits much less smoke.

2. Steel bucket stove. All you need is a steel bucket (pretty much any size), a small peice of grate, and anything around to cut a hole in the bucket. Cut a hole in the side of the bucket toward the base just big enogh to start and keep a small fire going. Place grate ontop bucket. Instant stove.

3. Place a grate over a Kerosene lamp. We used to heat wash water in the barn during the winter this way.

4. Be creative!

May God give you all peace!


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