Another Four Years Of Change

The results are in and Obama has kept the helm of one of the greatest nations on earth. Four years from now, I don’t think that we will recognise this land at all. We have reelected a man who sympathises with our enemies, attacks our friends, and hates us to his marrow. We have once again put this communist elitist back in the cockpit of America. Voted in by all the welfare bums, social security abusers, illegal imagrants, liberals, feminists, pro unborn baby murderers, sodomists, and all such like, plus a few dead people for good measure. As our nation grows farther away from God, the glory of our people will fade as judgement rains down harder on us.

Expect the economy to get far worse. Even though Obama is not at fault for the start of this disaster (Woodrow Wilson set the stage in 1913 when he signed the Federal Reserve into law, plus the IRS to fund this new central bank), he sure hasn’t helped to get us out of this mess. Everyone knows that no president in the history of this nation has ever spent the amount of money this clown has. Obama only looks out for the banker gangsters controlling him. These ‘banksters’ only want one thing, and that’s total control of all wealth.

Expect our rights to be either severely stepped on or discarded altogether. This commie is at war with our freedom, especially our right to keep and bear arms, which is one of the greatest threats to the elitists. ObaMao is already clamping down on free speach. Our troops no longer fight for freedom, they are sent to die for the banksters’ interests. We are diving head first into a totalitarian police state and the sad thing is, most people seem to think that we are still free and that Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist North Korea, or Maoist China cannot happen here. The Germans, Russians, N Koreans and Chinese must have thought so, too. The fact is, it IS happenning here and socialism is taking over at an alarming pace.

With each successive president, the problems only got worse. For decades now we havn’t had a president willing to abide by our Constitution and lead us rightly. Each one destroys us more and more. Pretty soon, we won’t have anything left but a memory. We Free Souls will have to learn how to adapt in this ever changing society without losing ourselves and giving in. My friends, we are in for a long, hard road. Cashe your stashes well and may God be with you all.


2 thoughts on “Another Four Years Of Change

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